EA wants you to buy games new, not second hand. We've all grasped that now, and its campaign continues with Dragon Age 2, for which its offering free downloadable content to everyone who grabs a new copy of the game come March next year.
EA has revealed it will being doing with DA2 something similar to the Cerebus Network offerings of Mass Effect 2, which could be accessed "exclusively by original purchasers" of the game through a single-use unlock code in the box.

"We will be doing that," executive producer Mark Darrah told Joystiq. "We haven't announced what's in it, but it'll definitely be something kind of in that Cerberus vein where there will be additional content," he added, rather vaguely.

Darrah also promised generally better quality DLC for DA2 than there was for Dragon Age: Origins, which was often criticised for its re-use of existing material and environments. "What we're doing with the DLC in Dragon Age 2 is making it larger; so it'll be bigger teams, more unique environments, more unique creatures -- so that it gets the attention it deserves to get," he said.

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Looks like someone at 2K Games had a little leftover resurrection potion from whatever they used on Duke Nukem Forever because the formerly dead downloadable content for BioShock 2 on PC is alive. It's coming. Viva PC Gaming Week! Over on the 2K forums, 2K Elizabeth spreads the news that BioShock 2's PC patch as well as the Protector Trials and Minvera's Den downloadable expansions — both of which are out for the console versions of the game — are back in development.

The patch and Protector Trials had been scuttled because they were too buggy when 2K's deadline for them hit. Minerva's Den (which we liked a lot on console) just wasn't done. Following a rash of fan feedback and an unexplained change in resources or priorities, 2K Elizabeth says work on all of that is being resumed.

2K estimates the patch and Protector Trials will be out in December and will offer them for free. Minerva's Den's schedule is more murky, though 2K Elizabeth says the team is committed to finishing it and releasing it.

Update: Protector Trials, Minerva's Den, and final patch coming to a PC near you [2K Games Forums]
"Joe's Adventures," a Mafia II DLC extension whose name has been known for some time, will arrive Nov. 23. A narrative flashback, you'll play as Joe Barbaro during the time the main game's protagonist, Vito Scaletta, is in prison. A news release bills it as a combination of "a dramatic storyline with intense arcade-style gameplay." There will be a story based progression, followed by "a slew of optional city-based quests packed with arcade action gameplay and a points-based system," i.e. what we saw earlier with The Betrayal of Jimmy and Jimmy's Vendetta.

2K Games says the extension will open up new areas of Empire Bay for exploration, including "a train station, the cathouse, a boat yard, a seasonally changing lakefront and some never-before-seen buildings in Empire Bay." It'll also feature new clothing, 20 more Playboy collectibles, and more period 1940s and 1950s music.

So it sounds more substantive than the preceding two DLC packs, and Mafia II was a very strong game up through Vito's incarceration. While it would have been nice to get this on the main disc, those with a Mafiosi fix should give it serious consideration.

The extension will cost $9.99 on PlayStation Network, 800 Microsoft Points over Xbox Live.

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According to EA, Medal of Honor is selling really well. The company says that in just five days since launching in the U.S. and with just two days of sales in Europe and Asia, the game has already sold through more than one and a half million units. Success!

Along with trumpteing its accomplishment, EA would also like to remind you that November 2 will bring Medal of Honor a new multiplayer mode called Clean Sweep. It's an elimination mode where players "must rely on their own skill and teammates' expertise to prevail as the winning team." This new mode is playable across two new maps (Bagram Hangar and Khyber Caves) as well as redesigned versions of the Diwagal Camp and Kabul City Ruins maps. The maps and mode will be available on both Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. You can download and access the new content using the online pass that came with the game.

In a statement, Frank Gibeau, President of EA said, "Medal of Honor is one of EA's most storied franchises and we're thrilled to see that fans worldwide have embraced it. In this ultra competitive category, Medal of Honor stands out from the pack. By portraying the Tier 1 Operator as so elite, so tough, Medal of Honor offers a view into a world that has the power to resonate with FPS gamers everywhere."
As if there was any doubt, Bethesda Softworks reveals plans to support Fallout: New Vegas with downloadable game add-ons, with an Xbox 360 exclusive pack coming out first. Hopefully they'll work this time. Having released several downloadable add-ons for Fallout 3, it comes as no surprise that Bethesda has big plans for Fallout: New Vegas post-launch content. The cavalcade of downloadable goodness kicks off exclusively on the Xbox 360 sometime after the game's launch tomorrow.

"We're excited to continue the partnership between Bethesda and Microsoft, and build on the success of the game add-ons released for Fallout 3 on Xbox LIVE," said Pete Hines, VP of Marketing and PR of Bethesda Softworks. "Fans will once again be able to continue their experience in the Fallout universe with the add-on packs planned for after the launch of the game."
Rockstar's sent out some new details for the final bit of Red Dead DLC, The Undead Nightmare Pack.

One of those details is the release date. You can expect the zombie invasion to crawl onto consoles on October 26 via PSN and Xbox Live.
But that's not all. Rockstar will also be releasing a stand-alone disc called 'Undead Nightmare', which bundles together the Undead Nightmare Pack, the Outlaws to the End Co-Op Mission Pack, Legends and Killers, Liars and Cheats Pack and all the Multiplayer Free Roam modes released to date
It'll set you back £24.99 but that's quite a hefty load, we think you'll agree.

If you don't want the whole kaboodle, the Undead Nightmare Pack will be available for 800 Microsoft Points or £7.99 from the PlayStation Network.

"Undead Nightmare turns the world of Red Dead
Redemption upside down," said Sam Houser, founder of Rockstar

"The supernatural vibe and the return of some favorite characters creates a whole new game inside an already incredible world."

For those who haven't picked up Red Dead Redemption, or aren't interested in its main singleplayer campaign, Rockstar will soon release a single disc that includes all of the downloadable content, playable without the main game. "Undead Nightmare," taking its name from the game's latest DLC extension, will include that, the Outlaws to the End cooperative mission pack, the Legends and Killers, and Liars and Cheats extensions, plus all multiplayer Free Roam modes released so far. It'll cost $29.99 in the U.S., £24.99/€29.99 in Europe.

Again, it doesn't require a copy of Red Dead Redemption to play.

Rock Band 3 launches October 26, bringing with it three free and nine paid tracks from classic rock band The Doors and a confusing new way to classify downloadable music. Three of The Doors biggest hits will be available the week of Rock Band 3's launch: "Light my Fire," "Riders on the Storm," and "Touch Me." Each track will be free to download until November 1, and will support (deep breath) five-button guitar and bass, Drums, Pro Drums and Keys, Pro Keys, harmonies, and will also feature a free expansion that will add Pro Guitar and Pro Bass.

If this is a trend, don't expect to see many Rock Band music updates from me in the future.

"I'm very excited that keyboards are finally a part of Rock Band. It's about time you guys got hip to the necessity of keys in rock," said Ray Manzarek, keyboardist for The Doors. "This is going to be great for all the gamers, because it's a lot more difficult. Rock Band 3 will require some brainwork, so . . . 'Break On Through!' The free downloads, 'Light My Fire,' 'Riders On the Storm' and 'Touch Me,' are all great keyboard songs. And look out for The Doors' lost masterpiece, Live in Vancouver, when it comes out Nov. 22!"

Did Manzarek really just pull "Break on through!" on us? Morrison would punch him in the neck.

The three free tracks are accompanied by nine more paid tracks, each supporting Drums, Pro Drums, five-button guitar and bass parts and, where applicable, harmonies and Keys/Pro Keys parts.

Damn that's annoying. Just look at the list.

* "Light My Fire" (Free from Oct. 26 – Nov. 1 in game, features Pro Guitar and Pro Bass)
* "Riders on the Storm" (Free from Oct. 26 – Nov. 1 in game, features Pro Guitar and Pro Bass)
* "Touch Me" (Free from Oct. 26 – Nov. 1 in game, features Pro Guitar and Pro Bass)
* "Hello, I Love You"
* "L.A. Woman"
* "Love Her Madly"
* "Love Me Two Times"
* "Peace Frog"
* "People Are Strange"
* "Roadhouse Blues"
* "Soul Kitchen"
* "The Crystal Ship"
Has your Chuck Greene gone over the edge? Then you'll likely wanna check out the first bit of Dead Rising 2 DLC, the Psychopath Skills Pack, available today on Xbox Live and PSN for 160 Microsoft Points and $1.99, respectively.
The Protector Trials and Minerva's Den, two downloadable content packs for BioShock 2 on the Xbox 360 and PS3, are still not available for PC owners of the game. And now, they never will be. 2K PR representative Elizabeth Tobey has taken to the game's forums to break the bad news, issuing a statement that reads "We will...not be offering Protector Trials and Minerva's Den on the PC in the future – and I want to say that I'm sorry for the disappointment this will cause to PC players out there."