The first notable Call Of Duty: Black Ops torrent has been dismissed as fake by sources. But its existence has seemingly given an insight into just how strictly Treyarch is monitoring the leak of the game in the US.
According to torrent news site TorrentFreak, the studio was one of the first to attempt to downloaded a file posing as an Xbox 360 Black Ops full game torrent on a popular P2P site.

The site runs an image - which you can see here - showing '' downloading the torrent file.

The site admits that 'it's impossible to confirm its authenticity' - and Treyarch is unlikely to confirm its involvement.
But it certainly looks as though, following pirate sales of the game in the US, the studio is taking no chances when it comes to the game leaking online - and is watching P2P movements very closely indeed.

Indeed, if you've attempted to download the Black Ops torrent mentioned, the developer may already have you in their sights. Sleep tight.

For the rest of you, avoid.

If you're sensible enough to wait for the retail release, Black Ops hits stores on November 9 for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

[Source: CVG, TorrentFreak]