Grab hold of your jaw before looking down at the new Bulletstorm screenshots below. It might fall off.

It's rare that a single batch of screenshots elevates our excitement of a game from 'whatever, whenever' to 'DO WANT', but that's what's just happened. Bulletstorm's looking incredible, even if a few of these shots do look almost too good to be real.
We've see a couple of these before too, but hey, when they look this good you can't complain.

Bulletstorm is a mental shooter from People Can Fly (with help from Epic's Cliff Bleszinski) that sees players rack up high scores by killing enemies in inventive and brutal ways called the Skillshot. And there's more strategy in the Skillshot than "95% of the shooters out there", according to PCF boss Adrian Chmielarz.

[ Source: Destructoid ]
This lovely cover is the North American box art for Epics new FPS Bulletstorm