What is a motion controller without nifty attachments that make it look like real life objects? Nothing, that's what -- a point driven home by CTA Digital's latest PlayStation Move accessories. The "Perfect Aim Pistol" gives your Move controller that firearm look and feel, while CTA claims it's also light enough to prevent dreaded light-gun fatigue. Meanwhile, the aptly named "Submachine Gun" offers a heftier military experience, housing both the Move and companion Navigation Controller; and it even features a removable stock and scope. The pistol and submachine gun can be pre-ordered on Amazon for $15 and $30, respectively.

Whether either trumps Sony's own, Earthworm Jim-style gun shell, well, that comes down to personal preference.
In this video Guerrilla Games' Steven Ter Heide walks us through what it's like to play Killzone 3 with the PS3's Move controller. He also talks us through some of the design decisions for the motion-control option. Of course, if you'd rather play through the game using your Dualshock, that's supported too.

What Guerrilla Games hasn't decided yet is whether while playing online players using Move will be able to take on players using the Dualshock. They need to make sure there's no unfair advantage either way, they say.

To be quite honest I think motion controlling for a game this detailed and ranged is way too difficult and takes your attention away from the game and makes you focus too much on your hands and your movements.