EA wants you to buy games new, not second hand. We've all grasped that now, and its campaign continues with Dragon Age 2, for which its offering free downloadable content to everyone who grabs a new copy of the game come March next year.
EA has revealed it will being doing with DA2 something similar to the Cerebus Network offerings of Mass Effect 2, which could be accessed "exclusively by original purchasers" of the game through a single-use unlock code in the box.

"We will be doing that," executive producer Mark Darrah told Joystiq. "We haven't announced what's in it, but it'll definitely be something kind of in that Cerberus vein where there will be additional content," he added, rather vaguely.

Darrah also promised generally better quality DLC for DA2 than there was for Dragon Age: Origins, which was often criticised for its re-use of existing material and environments. "What we're doing with the DLC in Dragon Age 2 is making it larger; so it'll be bigger teams, more unique environments, more unique creatures -- so that it gets the attention it deserves to get," he said.

[ Source: Joystiq ]

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