Gearbox Software has posted an update on its forums, addressing the continued absence of the latest Borderlands patch. Title Update 1.41 was meant to arrive around the October 12 launch of the first-person shooter's Game of the Year Edition, but will now launch "within a couple of weeks."

"The Title Update is finished and in the process of being reviewed for launch. We are almost green lit across the board for this free update to be launched, but we still need just one more light to turn green," wrote Gearbox marketing coordinator Adam Fletcher. "In other words – we're *almost* there! We expect that last light to turn green within a couple of weeks, possibly sooner. Once this happens, the Title Update will be made immediately available for all platforms."

The patch will raise the level cap to 58 for all players, and up to 69 for those who have downloaded The Secret Armory of General Knoxx. The level cap has been the greatest source of frustration for players who have already hit the ceiling and don't want experience earned in Claptrap's New Robot Revolution going to waste. The update will also fix some Achievement/Trophy glitches, and adjust item drops and enemies according to the new level cap.

Gearbox didn't elaborate on the reasons behind the delay, but talk of that "last" green light reminds us of a situation encountered by the makers of Monday Night Combat. According to Uber Entertainment's blog, their October title update was "caught up in a perfect storm of software changes and tons of new games coming out," and consequently became backlogged within Microsoft's certification process. To be fair, there are three platforms at play here, and we don't know whether Gearbox will insist on a simultaneous multiplatform release.

[Source: Joystiq]