Yes you read the title correctly. Sony's new handheld the PS VITA will indeed have the functionality of Skype.

Just like the PSP, the VITA will have Skype, despite the fact that Microsoft purchased Skype last month for a mind-boggling rumor of 8.5million.

Microsoft said service contracts with Skype prior to the purchase will be upheld, and that the company will continue to offer the service on non-Microsoft products. As well as channeling Skype to Xbox Live through Kinect later on.

Skype has over 170 million users, and 600,000 new customers register for the product each day.

So what can this mean to gamers? Will the VITA allow calls to a 360 owner when Microsoft issues the ability to their console? Can this really be the dawn of communication between platforms and consoles?

Windows 8 will be synced with Xbox Live
Microsoft Interactive Entertainment VP of global marketing Mike Delman is stating that Windows will finally integrate with Xbox Live when Windows 8 is released next year. 

Delman states,“If we have that and the PCs to leverage, that will be a big Live base. It’s our job to make ‘buy a movie in one place and play it everywhere, buy a game in one place and play it everywhere.’ Making things portable will be a big focus of ours.”

Delman states that it will allow gamers to buy content no matter where they are, much like Apple's customers can with their devices. 

“There will be a lot of similarities in design and service philosophy. Whether it’s us or Apple or anybody else, people want to be able to navigate through multiple devices in a certain ecosystem very seamlessly so we’re committed to that.”

505 Games has revealed a new modern shooter that will play with either Kinect or a traditional controller.

The newly announced Blackwater will follow the private security company through a fictional story about a team of Blackwater operators protecting a North African town.

The unusual and interesting takeway with Blackwater is how players will be able to use Kinect to play the entire experience, from moving around the field to aiming and firing your weapon. Players can also use a standard controller.

No visuals have released for the game yet, but it will be interesting to see if the team developing the game at Zombie Studios can make a robust shooter without the need for buttons or sticks. We have to admit to being a little skeptical, but anything is possible, and we're always interested in new gaming experiences.

Hopefully we'll get some more word on how the game is shaping up from the E3 show floor.

{Source: GameInformer}

With the promise of more fluid combat, vicious melee attacks, tougher enemies and a nimbler Commander Shepard, Mass Effect 3 is shaping up to be the game Bioware says will be definitive Mass Effect experience. "Mass Effect was always designed as a trilogy," Bioware game director Casey Hudson told a gathering of press, "and Mass Effect 3 is the main event."

That means an overhaul of the combat, cover and mobility in the game, reworked enemies and weapons and new customizable powers.

It also means a different sort of narrative backdrop.

Where Mass Effect 2 was loosely structured around a Dirty Dozen storyline, its sequel will take a step back and have you gathering not individual members for a team, but commodities for the war effort.

"The large scale story and even the little missions, the little friendships you accumulate during the game contribute to the overall war effort," Hudson said. The greater you do the better your chance of success."

Mass Effect 3 will be about the galactic war that the game has been moving toward for two titles now.

{Source: Kotaku}

Microsoft concluded its E3 2011 press conference today with a quick first look at Halo 4, which president of interactive entertainment business Don Mattrick says is the beginning of a new trilogy.

The video begins with a panicked Cortana yelling for John to wake up. After a minute of frantic pleading, a stasis chamber opens and Master Chief emerges. He is greeted by a ship in its death throes, flames and explosions bursting from every angle. Master Chief activates the thrusters in his boots, allowing him to navigate through the zero gravity environment. This section reminds me of Isaac Clarke’s flight segments through Dead Space 2. The video was dark and gorgeous, and seeing Master Chief back in action is a definite treat.

The video concludes with a zoomed-out shot of the flaming ship hurtling towards a shrinking opening in what appears to be an even larger construct. We’re left wondering whether the doomed vessel ever escapes the closing hatch.

Halo 4 marks the beginning of a new trilogy in the legendary FPS series. It appears Master Chief’s story is not yet over. Perhaps he’ll stay around for the next three games?

{Source: GameInformer}

The New Xbox Experience is coming this Fall and it will include a lot.
Xbox Live TV is one of the biggest announcements at E3 and it is all revolving around Kinect.

First off YouTube is coming to Xbox Live. That in itself is a huge reveal and something that many people were assuming at last year's E3. 
Secondly BING is also anchoring the new Xbox Live with Voice Search. No more cycling through all the games, movies, add-ons, etc. Now you can talk to Kinect and categorize everything quickly and easily. 

Microsoft's New Mantra; "You Say It, Xbox Finds It."

Xbox Live TV is being based on Canell, Foxtell, and Sky TV and will broadcast straight to your 360.

UFC is also coming to the 360 with an innovative way of watching MMA. Watch UFC events live with your friends and gain achievements like "Watched 50th knockout," and you can wager on events to see who called the matches.