You knew it was coming. You probably knew, with a great deal of certainty, what it was called and most of its capabilities. It's finally official, though: PlayStation Vita is on the way for less than $300.

Sony also announced that it would be partnering exclusively with AT&T for 3G wireless data (and was booed by the E3 audience for its trouble). A WiFi-only model will also be available.

Sony hopes PSVita owners will connect with one another with two services: Party and Near. Party looks like party-based voicechat from the glimpse at the press conference, so no surprises there. Near is a social tool that allows gamers to recommend content, compare trophies, and do other undefined social-type things with other nearby PSVita owners.

PlayStation Vita launches worldwide at the end of this year. U.S. gamers will be able to pick the system up for $299 for the 3G model, or $249 for the Wi-Fi version. Wireless data prices have yet to be announced.

The stats:
  • Multitouch five-inch OLED display
  • Dual analog sticks
  • Sixaxis motion detection
  • Rear touchpad
  • Enough hardware to run the amazing Uncharted software being shown live at the press conference
  • 3G and WiFi models
  • Social tools
Stay tuned for much more on PlayStation Vita, including hands-on impressions from the GI staff here in Los Angeles, as the week goes on.

{Source: GameInformer}

We never expected BioShock Infinite to incorporate motion controls -- and neither did Irrational's creative director Ken Levine. However, after admitting his skepticism during Sony's press conference, Levine announced that Sony's motion controller has won him over and will be featured in the developer's upcoming shooter.

Levine didn't announce any specifics about how Move will be utilized in BioShock Infinite, saying that the studio is just starting to wrap their head around the controller's capabilities. However, it sounds like it won't be a simple gimmick, which is what Levine originally criticized the motion controller for. Sony responded by calling him up and asking for a chance to "make him a believer," which is where the eventual partnership came from. Given the creativity Irrational has exhibited in the BioShock series, we're interested to see what the developer comes up with. Levine also hinted that the developer has another game in the works for the NGP, but didn't give any hints as to what the game might be.

As an added bonus, Sony revealed that BioShock Infinite will also include BioShock 1, thanks to the system's Blu-Ray capabilities.

{Source: GameInformer}