"The concept was to have a large, creepy building where each floor served as a ring of hell, and Satan was in a chest freezer in the basement morgue. The concept was vague and lacked a clear protagonist and antagonist (hell is a force of antagonism, not an an antagonist itself), and by nature The Inferno was a passive, observational story, but something about it felt right. Can't really tell you why, but it did. After many days of soul searching, I decided, for better or worse, that this was the story I was going to pursue."

Sridhar Reddy has been in post-production on this indie horror film entitled Lilith for a number of months now. No release date is official.

Some Mythological Backstory
"Lilith is the first woman according to theological writings...both Adam and Lilith where made from sand or clay and where equals. She did not piss off god...she pissed off Adam as she refused to be subservient to him. Adam wanted someone that would be more dependent on him...and so asked god to banish her and he got a replacement wife made from his rib.
Lilith was then banished, and often seen as a negative creature/person...but in christian theology there is no basis for that. In Mesopotamian theology Lilith was often portrayed as a succubus type creature that would try to prey on Adam and Eve's children..and this is pretty much where our modern understanding of her as a bad guy comes from."