"Movie to ruin your life..." - says Constance after watching said film, "As a mom this is really hard to watch..."

Described as *the* most brutal, unrelenting, and gruesome movie you'll ever see "Inside" has to be one of the most gore-filled, grotesque, violent films I've ever seen. Forget Cannibal Holocaust, completely ignore The Human Centipede 1 and 2, don't even mention Hostel. "Inside" is non-stop cover-your-eyes, mouth agape, oh my god!, and super wide eyed moments. It's hard to even put words together after finishing this journey of blood, turmoil, horror, and home-made C-Sections. 

Inside has a simple plot; Man and woman make a baby, as woman is pregnant she get into a wreck, man dies and she's left to bare the child, evil old lady wants woman's child and will stop at nothing to get it. Seems straight-forward no? This piece of claret red covered art is overwhelming to say the least. If you are squeamish, weak-hearted, and sensitive to anything child related be very wary of this movie. What transpires in this film makes you feel so much better about your day; because chances are you'll never experience anything like this...ever...ever. Plus, it's astonishing that this film is only one hour and fifteen minutes in duration because it feels as if you've watched it for hours.

Trying to get past the extreme copious amounts of brutality the acting in this film is quite exciting and hair-raising. Although all of the film is crying, screaming, choking, gurgling, spewing, dying, and full of torture all the actors succeed in making you believe what you see is what you get. Effects appear like they're borrowed straight from Faces of Death and there is more blood used in this film than Lestat can drink or Elizabeth Bathory bathed with.

Besides the very strange and ho-ly-sh-it Zombie moment at the end thanks to close-range Flashbulb Riot Gun and the incredible C-section scene this film could be put in the same category as the films listed in the first paragraph, BUT "Inside" is a very unique French film that will stay in your mind and memory long after you've watched it. Not a good Mother's Day movie and definitely not a top choice for date-night.

I give Inside a 2/5 for it's way way way over the top gore and outrageous scenes and haunting plot. I had a harder time watching this film than Human Centipede 2 and I thought that film was hard to stomach. Don't misunderstand my rating though; I'm not demeaning the obnoxious amounts of guts, blood, and severed arteries I'm simply scoring on overall entertainment. This is a shock flick; a movie to keep in your collection to show the creepy friends you have what gore really is. Or for if you have a significant other who is into torture-porn and extreme amounts of gore; then it can be a date-night choice. 

Unless you have experience in watching gore-filled movies I'd pass on this film. If you prefer suspense, mystery, and ghost or apparition type scary movies stay far away from Inside. If you prefer Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Wolf Creek, I Saw the Devil, and films like High Tension (also French) than go ahead and enjoy Inside.

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