(2012)  84 min

Three high school friends gain superpowers after making an incredible discovery. Soon, though, they find their lives spinning out of control and their bond tested as they embrace their darker sides.

Director: Josh Trank
Writers: Max Landis (screenplay), Max Landis (story), and 1 more credit »
Stars: Dane DeHaanAlex Russell and Michael B. Jordan

Chronicle came our of nowhere to incite an excitement in the theaters, but to some, this film seems like a recycled version of Akira Kurosawa's cult classic manga "Akira."

Chronicle shows the story of a young man who's life is full of regret, loneliness, abandonment, and the inability to change his life. Our main character, Andrew, has no friends, is socially awkward, has a dying mother, and an abusive father. No matter how you look at it the main protagonist is an underdog, which allows the viewers to easily support him throughout the film.

Stuck at a party with his cousin, toting a camera he bought to record his life and thoughts, Andrew is shanghaied into following his cousin and their school's most popular student into a cave to document the abnormal sight. Within the cave is a glowing foundation of light and rock that gives the three characters telekinetic powers; the ability to move, bend, vibrate, and manipulate matter around you with the will of mind control. After blacking out the three awake to discover their new abilities. 

Watching their friendship grow because of such a bonding and unique experience really centers the viewer inside the minds of each character, allowing for a sense of understanding you usually do not get from most films. The catalyst of the plot is that Andrew has an inner hatred for people, a disregard for moral standards, and a growing intelligence of how to use his new found feats. Watching the "downfall" of Andrew is exciting as it is emotional.

Acting portrayed is perfect for the main characters, the rest of the cast is either ill-placed or not worth the attention. Visuals are attention-grabbing. When something catastrophic happens to one of the friends the other two sense it and have nosebleeds; each time this happens on screen is seamless with the acting and meaning. The scenes in the sky whether it be the flying or passing the football are entertaining and exhilarating. Although the film is meant to be shot from Andrew's perspective most of the time ,getting used to the camera angles can be confusing.

Chronicle is a good film. It shows how power can release the inner evil we all have, but it also shows how friendship can be created and broken. I give Chronicle a 4/5, and I advise to you watch Akira the manga.