A Tale of Two Sisters 
Janghwa, Hongryeon (original title)  
115 min  -  Drama | Horror | Mystery

A family is haunted by the tragedies of deaths within the family.

Director: Jee-woon Kim
Writer: Jee-woon Kim (screenplay)
Stars: Kap-su Kim, Jung-ah Yum and Su-jeong Lim

Korean horror is one of my favorite genres to watch. Most people can't get past the subtitles, the intensely slow story-lines that explode at the end with emotion and action, and the unique acting that the far East has. This film is one of the top rated horror/drama films in the new Millennium.

The beginning of the movie will separate the real movie fans from the fake ones; 35 mins before anything really happens, BUT what transpires in that shallow and quiet first half hour are extremely important to the development of the main characters.

Minimal dialogue and facial acting is super huge in Asian horror and A Tale of Two Sisters is a great example of how it should be performed. The screenplay and art direction are superb and creepy as creepy can get without adding some supernatural subplot. Jump-scares are aplenty and the Macguffin is used to great potential. If you are looking for a great film in general that mixes horror, mystery, and thrilling albeit confusing events.

The few things that A Tale of Two Sisters that can be considered "bad," are the massive amounts of deafening silence within the film, the lighting and grimm looking house (buy a lamp for goodness sake!), and the super confusing storyline that doesn't make sense until the last 30 minutes.

A Tale of Two Sisters get s 4/5.

+ World Renown Horror Film
+ Great Suspense, Scares, and a Mystery that Sherlock Holmes could not solve
+ Camera Work is creative and the visuals are addicting
- Confusing plot. Stay Away if You cannot retain memories
- Long intro before anything happens

The Uninvited  (2009) was the American remake of  A Tale of Two Sisters.
Drive Angry 3D 
(2011)  104 min

A vengeful father escapes from hell and chases after the men who killed his daughter and kidnapped his granddaughter.

Director: Patrick Lussier
Writers: Todd Farmer, Patrick Lussier
Stars: Nicolas Cage, Amber Heard and William Fichtner

As entertaining as this film seemed in a trailer the actual movie just didn't keep up. Nicolas Cage plays the part of a murdered father who escapes from hell to save his murdered(sacrificed) daughter's baby from the clutches of a demonic cult. This plot seems interesting but Drive Angry runs out of gas quick.

The entire movie seems like a collage of badass moments mixed with some emotional baggage. Cage's performance is mediocre (i think he meant it to be) and most of his scenes are either crude, sexually explicit, filled with guns and death, or of him sad and depressed. Amber Heard's character is definately more believable than Cage's and she grounds the movie in a sense of reality. William Fichtner plays the role of Anubis (the Accountant), the god of the dead and is chasing Nic Cage all over Earth to bring him back home.

Long Movie Short; losts of death, campy acting by Cage, Billy Burke (Captain Swan from Twilight) plays the crazed demon incarnate cult leader, and William Fichtner has the best lines and acting in the film. Not to mention the 3D was almost not even noticeable.
I advise you to pass on this one.

+ William Fichtner
+ Creative Plot
- Terrible Acting
- Terrible Dialogue
? What will Nic Cage's next film be?