Haywire is a straight-forward action film drawing on female-ass kicking power and a great spy vs government story. Gina Carano leads and carries Haywire as Mallory; a privately contracted agent who gets betrayed by her own employers and seeks revenge. Neat thing is, Gina Carano is a world renown Muay Thai kickboxer, StrikeForce middleweight, and has been called the face of women's MMA with a current record of 13-1.

This film is a great example of spy/special agent entertainment and keeps your attention; albeit over used, the "revenge of the betrayed spy" plot works in Haywire's case. There are many familiar faces in this film like Michael Douglas, Antonio Banderas, Michael Fassbinder, and Obi-Wan himself; Ewan McGregor. Problem is none of them really grasp your attention like Gina does. Her physical appearance and control on screen shows off her leading lady skills.

Dialogue and sound are cliched, but the action and fight scenes are wonderful. No flashy roundhouse kicks, no Tony Jaa flips and tumbles, and definitely no wires. Simple straight-to-the-point MMA and CQC; Close Quarters Combat. 

Haywire gives you satisfaction in the end and is entertaining to watch. I recommend. 
I give Haywire 4/5.