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Played on Xbox 360. Review by Constance.
In Dante's Inferno you play as Dante (though in the dlc you can play as St.Lucia in multiplayer) this game came out last year but i just got to play it. took me a total of 9 hours to get thru all 9 levels of hell trying to save Dante's love Beatrice.
Virgil, a lost poet, helps you through each level, giving you guidance. 

In the beginning Dante (you) are fighting off prisoners and one is very sneaky and comes to stab you in the back. as you fall the Grim Reaper comes to damn your soul, but being a very stubborn asshole you fight him. Once you win you gain Death's Scythe. You go home afterward to find your father and love murdered. Beatrice bargined her soul for your faithfulness, and when you are unfaithful, lucifer takes beatrices soul to hell. This is where you start your descent into the 9 levels of hell to save Beatrice and redeem yourself.

In each level you fight off various damned and have the option to either absolve or punish them with various combos.
the more you punish the better you can level up your unholy. Unholy levels make your scythe more and more badass. it also helps with some of the unholy magicks you possess later in the game. However if you absolve a ton of damned souls, youll level up your holy. Holy levels help your Cross of Beatrice. (a cross she gave you before you left for the Crusade) the more holy you become the more you can level up other certain magicks i.e Holy Armor. 

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{Written by Will}

Let me start by saying this: Reviewers don't care at all if a game is fun or not.  If the game has average graphics, they stop there and don't even bother to continue through the game.  If the game is outstanding from a technical view, maybe then they'll go on the play the game in full.  I say this because Homefront is technically a poor game.  With graphics that look like something the PS2 could handle and only staying at 720p, with a fairly constant 30 frames per second, reviewers automatically take off three or four points.  Gameplay wise, this is one hell of an experience.

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Dragon Age 2 (360 version)

Dragons, thieves, elves, warriors, mages, Darkspawn…well maybe not so much Darkspawn. I’ll get to that later.
Dragon Age 2 is the sequel to EA and Bioware’s highly praised RPG Dragon Age: Origins. It released on the PC, PS3, and 360 on March 8th(NA), 2011. With so much to live up to with RPG standards and the continuity of the Dragon Age mythology does the sequel hold up? 

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