Played and reviewed by Will

My family and I are currently on a trip to Virginia for Thanksgiving, meaning an eight hour car ride to and from. The day before we embarked on our journey, I realized that I haven’t even turned on my 3DS for quite some time. So, in the first step to fixing this problem, I went to Best Buy to buy a new game. I didn’t have a specific title picked out in my mind, but I did have a few options cycling through. I arrived at Best Buy, darted straight for the games section, and bought Rayman 3D.

Now let me explain this new “First Impressions” segment I’m going to begin. After buying a new game and whilst still playing it, I’ll type up a blog about how the game is going after I’m 20% complete. The final score will be out 10, because I won’t be going in depth as the full reviews that are written for this website. Ideally, these will be relatively short summaries of why I like, dislike, or I’m mixed on a game.

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