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Let me start by saying this: Reviewers don't care at all if a game is fun or not.  If the game has average graphics, they stop there and don't even bother to continue through the game.  If the game is outstanding from a technical view, maybe then they'll go on the play the game in full.  I say this because Homefront is technically a poor game.  With graphics that look like something the PS2 could handle and only staying at 720p, with a fairly constant 30 frames per second, reviewers automatically take off three or four points.  Gameplay wise, this is one hell of an experience.

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    If you're looking for a multiplayer review, I apologize because I feel I have not played the online long enough to have a fair opinion.  This review will concentrate on the single player campaign.  

    Waking up as Robert Jacobs in 2026, an ex-fighter pilot, you see that you are resigning in a beat up house that looks as if it has survived a missle attack.  With no family, life is mediocre.  Taken into custody by the Korean army, you are restrained and thrown into a bus.  Why?  North Korea and its new leader, Kim-Jong il's son, Kim-Jong un, has done as Nazi Germany did.  North Korea has taken control over all of Asia.  Currently invading North America, the Korean officials care for no one in their hunt fueled by greed for more power and control.  On the bus, you quickly realize exactly how bad the Koreans have turned your own country.  After being assisted in an escape carried out by one of the few remaining parts of the military known as "The Resistance", you become a freedom fighter in the war to take back your country.
    Through the course of approxiametly five hours, you and your team of rebels travel across California to eventually combine with a different group of the military which is much more equipped and much more organized.  With the last battle taking place right on top of the Golden Gate Bridge, some of these environments are absolutely breath taking.

    Dialogue is well performed, with no cheesy lines of caring for others or "war never changes"....at least, I don't recall any.  The controls are extremely easy to learn, with zero input lag at all.  This campaign probably isn't one that will keep you coming back because you missed something in the story, as the story is well explained and has no rushed feeling.  The best aspect of my personal playthrough were all the things tha screwed with my mind.  I don't want to spoil them for you gamers, but you will know exactly what I'm talking about when you see them!

    Just like any other game, $60 will allow you to purchase this fine product, which I feel is more than worth what you pay for.  As with all modern day first person shooters that are released, what's the one game that it is always going to be related to?  Call of Duty.  Call of overrated frickin Duty.  And if the game isn't a CoD clone, people won't like it.  But if it is a CoD clone, people don't like it.  Unless the Call of Duty title is on the box, I feel that it's impossible for any game to sell millions of copies in one hour.  This game is much much better than Call of Duty.  So far, I have not found any "cheapo depot" aspects of the game that give the player an unfair advantage.  No second chance, no noob tubes, no insanely overpowered killstreaks.  And the best part?  Hopefully Infinity Ward and Treyarch take notes on this: THQ and Kaos Studios actually care about the PS3 version of their game. ;)  On a side note, I know this isn't a multiplayer review, but Homefront includes dedicated servers on the console versions as well as the PC version (not many console games include dedicated servers), which bring extremely fluent gameplay.  Even with one bar, your bullets will go where you are aiming.  Many have used the phrase "One for Homefront equals two for Call of Duty" when it comes to the the connection bars online.  This means one bar is the same as two bars in Black Ops, two bars in Homefront means four for Black Ops, and so on.  Enough said.

     Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed this quick little review.  If you could please take a minute or so, simply leave a comment telling Danny and I your opinion on the game, on my review, how we could make the website better, etc. HAPPY GAMING! :D    

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