Recently an announcement confirmed the inclusion of a new technology integrated into XBox Live. The news revealed the compatibility of RakNet’s Networking technology which can seamlessly host many of the features that currently exist on the XBox Live, and add more.

Congratulations to Mr. Jenkins and his very flexible networking technology, more congrats to Xbox 360 fans who may be getting one of the coolest addition to Xbox Live since its launch. This inclusion also reveals some cool possibilities that can now become available to Xbox gamers. The most amazing feature is the one that offers Steam integrations, a feature recently add to the Playstation 3 via RakNet’s Networking solution. here are a list of features RakNet adds to gaming networks.

Natively integrated features are:

• Lobby and room matchmaking
• Network address traversal connectivit
• Use of Steam servers for forwarding traffic

Does this mean Steam on Xbox 360, it’s  real possibility. Though, no official announcement has been made by Microsoft, we expect Microsoft to announce more later this year. 


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