BioWare would like to reach a million downloads for its Dragon Age II Demo. If they do, players will get some extra goodies that could help players save the world.

If a million people download EA’s Dragon Age II Demo (for either PC, Xbox 360, or PlayStation 3) before March 1, then BioWare will unlock two in-game items for players to use.

The first is a book called The Far Cliffs of Kirkwall, which gives players a little bit of extra spending cash. The second book, entitled Lothering's Lament, will deliver a healthy boost to a player’s experience. Please note that you will have to login to your EA account while playing the game for BioWare to keep a proper tally.

Dragon Age II’s demo comes out February 22, so if you’re interested in helping with this noble venture go to the game’s official site to learn more.


The final game in the series, Mass Effect 3 is a role-playing game with a third-person shooter combat system. The defining feature of the franchise is that decisions you make in one game will impact the next. 

What's the story? 
We don't know much, but as usual, players will assume control of the confident Commander Shepard. An urgent situation kicks off the final game: the Reapers, a sentient race of machines who like to wipe out everything in the galaxy every 50,000 years or so, have finally made it out of dark space and to our home turf, Earth. With the Reapers destroying the human home planet, it's up to Shepard to stop them somehow. If you're new to the series, be sure to watch our Mass Effect in five minutes video to catch up on part of the storyline. 

What does it play like? 
We haven't seen any gameplay footage of Mass Effect 3, but we have created a list of features we want. We imagine it will be extremely similar to Mass Effect 2, which means you can expect dynamic, cinematic conversations mixed with intense battles. 

Will it have multiplayer? 
The first two titles did not include multiplayer elements, but therehave been rumors that it could be incorporated into the third. As of right now, multiplayer for Mass Effect 3 has not been confirmed. 

What characters will return? 
Although we can't say for sure who will star in Mass Effect 3, here's a list of folks that should return: 
  • The Illusive Man 
  • Liara T'Soni 
  • Kaidan Alenko or Ashley Williams (the Virmire survivor) 
  • Joker 
  • Ambassador Udina 
  • Captain Anderson 

    Wasn't this game exclusive to Xbox 360? 
    Although Mass Effect was a former Microsoft exclusive (only available on Xbox 360 and PC), Mass Effect 2 was ported to the PlayStation 3 with an interactive back-story comic in 2011. Mass Effect 3 will release on all platforms simultaneously this fall.

    BioWare will reportedly release a Dragon Age II demo - at the very least for PC - on February 23.

    According to an email sent to GameStop employees (via Kotaku), staff at the retailer will get early access to the demo on February 11 to help them "become a key source of knowledge for GameStop customers and BioWare fans".
    EA and BioWare have yet to confirm plans to launch a demo for the game, which hits PS3, Xbox 360 and PC on March 11 in the UK.

    The British Board Of Film Classification passed Dragon Age 2 with an 18 certificate last week, making no cuts to the game despite its "strong bloody violence". 

    [ Source: Kotaku ]