Special Broadcast Statement.
Download Dragon Age 2 Demo from Xbox Live on 2/22/11.
That is all.
BioWare would like to reach a million downloads for its Dragon Age II Demo. If they do, players will get some extra goodies that could help players save the world.

If a million people download EA’s Dragon Age II Demo (for either PC, Xbox 360, or PlayStation 3) before March 1, then BioWare will unlock two in-game items for players to use.

The first is a book called The Far Cliffs of Kirkwall, which gives players a little bit of extra spending cash. The second book, entitled Lothering's Lament, will deliver a healthy boost to a player’s experience. Please note that you will have to login to your EA account while playing the game for BioWare to keep a proper tally.

Dragon Age II’s demo comes out February 22, so if you’re interested in helping with this noble venture go to the game’s official site to learn more.