If you played Dragon Age: Origins on the PC, then chances are that you used the top-down camera and paused most of the combat encounters to plan and to micromanage your spells and healing. And perhaps you weren't too happy with the news that the top-down camera would be absent in Dragon Age 2's PC version. This latest trailer seems intent to put fears about the PC version at rest through some very dramatic lighting.

Two playthroughs of the same section -- one in a hack & slash mode and one in a "thinking man" mode -- show off the new combat system, running on the PC version. It still looks mostly like Origins, and the camera is pulled back far enough to still provide you with the oversight you need.

It seems to cater to different types of players while trying not to alienate part of the core fans of Origins. I always felt bad for whoever designed the unseen ceilings in Origins, and I think I can live with this kind of system. Can you?

Dragon Age 2 will hit Europe on March 11 2011.

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Provided, that is, you decide to play the role-playing title on "insane" difficulty. Which gives you one life. For a game that could take anywhere from 30-60 hours to finish. While this mode allows you to save your game, if you die, those saved games will be locked and you won't be able to load them again.

But will they be locked forever? Probably not. "Of course we plan to have a resurrection scroll, maybe DLC or something", says Mateusz Kanik from developers CD Projekt, a workaround that sounds just as insane as the idea of a "one shot" role-playing game itself.

The move was partly inspired by the success of Demon's Souls, 2009's role-playing game that was notorious for its difficulty and lack of forgiveness for players that made mistakes.

Those terrified by the idea of a long and lasting death, don't worry; "insane" mode is the hardest of four difficulties, so those who just want a stroll through the woods can scale it back to something easier.

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