As part of its ongoing "Countdown to New Year's" promotion, Xbox Live has reduced the prices of both Alan Wake DLC episodes -- The Signal and The Writer -- by more than fifty percent. You can grab the two-part epilogue now at 200 MS Points ($2.50) apiece. If you're going to spend as much as $5 watching a nocturnal, has-been writer trying to escape his own plot twists, you're better off with Alan Wake than M. Night Shyamalan.

The tenuously Alan Wake-branded "Rain Coat and Pants" avatar clothing set has also been reduced to 120 MS Points ($1.50), but we'd suggest saving that change for a rainy day instead. Like, when there's actual rain outside.


Dead Money, the first batch of downloadable content for Fallout: New Vegas, is now available on Xbox Live, and we've got a lovely screenshot gallery so the PC and PlayStation 3 gamers can play along. Fallout: New Vegas players that scraped up the 800 Microsoft point asking price for the Xbox 360-exclusive Dead Money are likely searching for the lost treasure of the Sierra Madre Casino as we speak, so they need no gallery.

The Major Nelson podcast brings the first details of the initial, inevitable Call of Duty: Black Ops map pack. "First Strike" will be released on Xbox Live on February 1, 2011 -- as a timed exclusive, so give it about a month if you want it on another platform. The pack includes four competitive maps: "Discovery," based on the Reznov mission and taking place in an Antarctic research station; "Kowloon" set in, of course, Kowloon, this time on rooftops; "Berlin Wall," a fight at Checkpoint Charlie; and "Stadium," set in an American hockey rink. It also includes a Zombie map, "Ascension."

The DLC will sell for 1200 Microsoft Points ($15), the customary Call of Duty map pack price point.

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