First comingsoon.net get the news that Maggie Grace will play Irina in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, and now comes word from Entertainment Weekly that Renesmee is close to being cast as well.EW says that 9-year-old Mackenzie Foy ("FlashForward," "'Til Death") is in talks to play Renesmee, a key character in the final part of "Breaking Dawn."

It is unclear how Foy would play the role considering the considerable change in age during the story, though it is suggested they may be going with effects like the ones used in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button."Breaking Dawn - Part 1" is hitting theaters on November 18, 2011 and "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" opens on November 16, 2012. Both films are being directed by Bill Condon from scripts by Melissa Rosenberg

“It’s becoming inevitable, I’ll put it that way,” says Christopher Nolan(director of 'Batman Begins' and 'The Dark Knight'.I feel myself falling into it, I guess. And getting it all figured out and I’m pretty excited about what we’re doing so… If I haven’t announced it, I think that people probably all know at this point that I’m doing it.”


“I think you can at this point, yes [I will be directing BATMAN 3].”

According to Sir MICHAEL CAINE who is expected to reprise his role as Bruce Waynes mentor/butler Alfred, filming will –

“probably start in May next year…”

And finally:

Chris [Nolan] and co-writer Jonathan Nolan are not telling anyone who the villain will be in the new film.

THRALL WORLD would love to see Nolan tackle the KNIGHTFALL storyline so we would say BANE!! But the whole point of Nolan’s so-far incredible BATMAN retelling was the YEAR ONE BATMAN and BANE didn’t show up on in GOTHAM until Year 10 (???) or something like that.

Announced BATMAN 3 release date: July 20, 2012.
Nintendo has released some new screenshots for upcoming Zelda title Skyward Sword. And is it just us, or are things looking a little...altered?

The original screenshots released during E3 showed a game with bright blue skies and an even brighter green tunic on our hero. These screens, from what look like the same areas, are noticeably darker, not just in terms of lighting, but colour as well.
Ubisoft has confirmed to Joystiq that "development activities in its Brazilian studios will ramp down by the end of this year." The publisher states that due to the current market conditions, it can't "achieve the goals initially set for the studios." There is no set date when the Brazil shops will close, but it will be before the end of the calendar year.

There are currently 25 people working between the two studios in Brazil, who are "finishing DS and PSP projects which they will see to completion." The company could not confirm the official number of layoffs, as "some" team members may take positions at other Ubi studios.

The Brazil studios had worked on the casual Imagine series, which doesn't currently fit in with the company's focus on major franchises -- a priority for the major, new (subsidized) Toronto studio.

Ubisoft plans to continue its business presence in Brazil and is "currently evaluating opportunities." Overall, the publisher states that its "production headcount" should remain stable this year.
The 3DS may be one of the most impressive pieces of gaming hardware ever promised, but it also may be the least photogenic. The glasses-free 3D graphics just don't show well unless you see them in person.

Normal cameras, even the ones wielded by professional photographers at this week's big Nintendo conference in Japan, reduce 3DS upper-screen graphics to a blurry mess. Don't blame the Associated Press photographer who took these shots. Blame the laws of optics. (Note the Professor Layton game does not run 3D on its top screen in the photo taken.)

No wonder Nintendo has been trying to get people to try the system for themselves at press events. It will be important for Nintendo to do the same on a grand scale for the public when the 3DS launches early next year.
No longer will you have to endure hours of Team Fortress 2 play just to unlock the game's hidden weapons, defensive items and wearable accessories. Today, Valve opened the Mann Co. Store, which lets you buy goods with real-world cash. The update not only introduces a way to buy new guns, hats and fish-wrapped-in-newspaper melee weapons, it includes the long-promised Polycount Pack update. That's the community created item sets, which add 17 new items for five of the game's classes. Players can blow real-world cash on those items starting today. Prices range from 49 cents to $4.99 USD. Funds can be deposited to the newly launched Steam Wallet.

What's not in this update? The new game mode that Valve had previously promised.

While Valve stands to profit from selling in-game items, so does the community. The in-game store FAQ notes "community contributors will receive a percentage of sales on items they've created."

The Mann Co. Store may be goods news for the lazy, but the miserly needn't be overly concerned about the change. Valve notes in its new Mann Co. Store FAQ that the Polycount Pack items are unlockable and craftable through normal means, just like other items.

Read more about the new "Mann-conomy" in the service's newly released FAQ and peruse the new item sets at the Team Fortress 2 official site to see if that five dollar Spy knife is something you'd like to buy.
Pardon my language, but holy mary mother of fuck this looks awesome!
The 2.0 patch for Sony's MAG went live today, bringing with it PlayStation Move support and enough game tweaks and changes it could be considered a whole new game. The full list of changes hitting in MAG patch 2.0 is huge. Developer Zipper Interactive has upped the level cap 60 to 70. There's a new in-game economy system in which players earn Credit Points for completing objectives. The skill tree has been revamped, with sweeping changes and new additions to every skillset. Weapons, gear, and apparel have all been tweaked and tuned. Bugs have been fixed.

On top of all of that, Sony's PlayStation Move peripheral is now fully supported in the game, giving a few more people reason to shell out $50 for the controller.

Check out the HUGE list of new features HERE
Maybe you've seen brief, horrifying glimpses of the nightmarish landscape of Alma's psyche in F.E.A.R. and F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin. In F.E.A.R. 3 players will stare directly into its depths. The terror lurking inside Alma's mind is normally her tool. She uses it to frighten her foes, allowing horrible things to pass into the real world at will. In F.E.A.R. 3, however, Alma is pregnant, and as she gets closer to giving birth, she starts to lose control. The floodgates open, and this trailer shows a selection of the grotesque things that come spewing forth.

Wait, she was holding back in the first two games? This isn't going to be pretty.

The next big Call of Duty game has just had much of its single-player game spoiled, thanks to an early look at the shooter's list of achievements and trophies. What do Black Ops' achievements tell us about Treyarch's war game?

(Perhaps too much. Stop reading now if you would prefer to keep Black Ops' locations, plot points and still unannounced modes a secret. Josh Olin, community manager at developer Treyarch, implies that the "leaked" achievement list is authentic on Twitter.)

We already knew about Call of Duty: Black Ops' zombie mode, so that's not a surprise. But Dead Ops Arcade? That's listed separately from the zombie-based gameplay and pits players, at some point, against a Cosmic Silverback. Other achievements related to a location known as Rebirth Island might explain what that involves, since simian slaughter factors into the achievement "I Hate Monkeys."

While Call of Duty fans may already know about the game's international destinations, including Vietnam and Russia, it appears we'll also be visiting Hong Kong. Black Ops will also send players to a POW compound and the Pentagon.

It appears that only one achievement may be related to Call of Duty: Black Ops multiplayer. To unlock "Gamblin' Fool," players will have to take part in the game's new Wager Modes.

There are still a few secret achievements, potentially serious spoilers, that are listed as "Classified." If you're curious, and don't mind ruining major plot points, read all about it at Planet Call of Duty.