Pardon my language, but holy mary mother of fuck this looks awesome!
At first I was scared that Rockstar adding zombies to Red Dead Redemption would come off as silly. After seeing the first four screens for the Undead Nightmare downloadable content, I'm just scared. It's one thing to be surrounded by zombies in a modern setting, where weapons are readily available and even the most ordinary household item becomes a deadly weapon. The thought of being chased on foot across a deserted stretch of land with no shopping mall in sight gives me the willies.
Harmonix had previously hinted that DLC for Rock Band 3's "Pro" mode would a bit more expensive than the vanilla offerings because it required "a lot more work to do." Speaking with IGN, MTV Games' Paul DeGooyer clarified exactly how the pricing will differ for the upcoming sequel. He explained that "all DLC released for Rock Band 3 will be fully Rock Band 3-compatible, which means it'll come with Pro Mode for keyboard and drums, harmony mode, etc." However, Pro Mode for guitar will be sold separately. "If you're not interested in Pro Mode for guitar, you can still get the DLC that should conform to our current DLC pricing, and you get Pro Mode for all your other instruments."

The cost of Pro guitar will be $1, the interview reveals. "The alternative would be of course to include it (in the regular download) and up the price for everybody, which I don't think is really fair," DeGooyer argued. Additionally, he reveals that not all DLC tracks will even offer Pro notes for guitar, saying certain bands' "guitar parts wouldn't rise to the level that they would need to have pro mode authoring associated with them." Ouch.

There are plans to retrofit earlier DLC with Pro tracks, however DeGooyer was unable to clarify how the process would work. Apparently, the studio is having trouble making a system that "recognizes people who have already purchased" DLC in order to "be able to supply the updated file at a discount."

This week's Left 4 Dead 2 mutation introduces a game mode so clever, we're surprised Valve hadn't thought of it yet -- or have they? Yes, players will temporarily be able to re-experience the magic of Survival Versus, in which one team of four survivors lasts as long as it can on a chosen Survival map, and then the next team tries to beat their time. The competing teams go back and forth in this manner until one team fails to surpass the other's lifespan.

We've known since May that Alan Wake's second downloadable content extension would be titled "The Writer." Last night, Gametrailers told us it'll get here Oct. 12. The pack costs 560 Microsoft Points.