Nintendo has stated that they will stream their entire E3 press Conference through E3.Nintendo.Com.The briefing is slated to take place on June 7 at 9am PT (12pm ET) and promises to offer the first glimpse of Nintendo's Wii successor and probably another Zelda or Mario game.

NOTE* This is a huge rumour. A list of codenamed ‘Project Café’ or ‘Nintendo Feel’ games has been leaked online on several gaming websites on the upcoming games that Nintendo are scheduled to show case at the E3 expo in June!
Some of these titles may seem unlikely, but remember this is a rumour.

The following games are:

First Party
Launch Games

Extreme Sports Cafe (New IP, Combines 1080 and Wave Race + Other Sports)
Pikmin Cafe (Interfaces with Pikmin 3DS)
Endless Ocean Cafe
Nintendogs Cafe Kennel (Interfaces with Nintendogs + Cats)
Mii Explore (New IP, Multiplayer Adventure Game)
Launch Window
Kirby’s Epic Yarn 2 (Launch Window, Multiplayer)
Wario Ware Cafe (Launch – Launch Window?)
Future Games
Super Mario Cafe (Late 2012/Early 2013, Paradigm Shift a la SM64)
Legend of Paper Zelda (Mid 2012, Paper Mario version of SNES Zelda)
Fire Emblem Cafe (Late 2012)
Retro Studios IP (Late 2012, New IP)
Project Sora IP (New IP)
Monolith Soft RPG (New IP)
Miyamoto Game (New IP)
Third Party
Launch Games
Battlefield 3 (Extra Content)
Street Fighter X Tekken (Timed Exclusive)
Super Monkey Ball Cafe
Tony Hawk Cafe
Ridge Racer Cafe
Mass Effect 3 (Possibly with ME 1 + 2)
Dragons Dogma
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
Metal Gear Solid: Rising (Extra Content)
Silent Hill: Downpour (Extra Content)
PES 2013 Cafe (Timed Exclusive)
Trauma Center Cafe
Launch Window
Modern Warfare 3
Grand Theft Auto V (Launch, Timed Exclusive)
Dead Space Spin Off
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Cafe
Soul Caliber V (Extra Content)
Future Games
Sonic Cafe (Sonic Generations)
Platinum Games IP (Bayonetta 2)
Phantasty Star Online 2 (Late 2012?)
SEGA Game (???)
The Amazing Spider-Man: The Game
Rockstar Game (New IP?)
BioShock Infinite (Timed Exclusive)
Red Steel III
Beyond Good & Evil 2
Doom 4
Madden 2013 (Timed Exclusive)
Tiger Woods 13
Fight Night Cafe
Need for Speed Cafe
Level-5 Game (New IP)
Kingdom Hearts Cafe (Possibly KH3)
Square Enix Game (New IP)
Square Enix Game (???)
Grasshopper Game (New IP or No More Heroes 3)
Valve Game (Possibly a collection set + new game?)
Epic Games (New IP, Bulletstorm 2 or New Gears of War Trilogy exclusive to Café)


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