After many years of waiting and many many rumors circulating this gorgeous game, CD Projekt has announced that The Witcher 2 will be ported to Microsoft's Xbox 360 and it will be shown off at E3 2011 this June 6-9.

The Witcher 2 follows Geralt of Rivia, one of the few remaining witchers. Witchers are humans who have been trained and genetically enhanced from a young age to fight monsters.

The Announcement trailer is below.

THQ today announced that the hugely anticipated sequel to 2010’s multiple Interactive Achievement Award finalist, Metro 2033, is scheduled for release in Calendar 2012, for the PS3, X360, and PC. 

Once called "Metro 2034," Metro: Last Light will immerse the player in the haunting, desolate ruins of post-apocalyptic Moscow, one of the most richly detailed and beautifully realised gaming worlds of modern times. Developer 4A Games will deliver a terrifying, atmospheric single-player adventure that fuses thrilling combat with exploration and survival horror to create a unique, memorable experience.

“We believe that Metro 2033 was a flawed masterpiece,” said Danny Bilson, EVP Core Games, THQ. “It was a beautiful, original game that didn’t get the marketing support it needed. We won’t make that mistake with Metro: Last Light. This game improves on the original in every way – it will have more polish, deeper and more sophisticated gameplay, and satisfyingly visceral combat, without losing what our fans loved about the original. Metro: Last Light is another artful piece of game development from an Eastern European studio that will thrill and terrify anyone looking for a more cerebral experience than your typical first person shooter.”

Metro: Last Light pitches the player into the midst of a desperate civil war for control over a doomsday device that threatens to destroy humanity forever. The epic single-player campaign and unique multiplayer experience will benefit from the extraordinary lighting, physics and destruction made possible by Metro: Last Light’s bespoke 4A Engine technology.

Metro: Last Light will be unveiled to the public at this years’ E3 Convention with a live gameplay demonstration.

E3 is right around the corner and rumors of Sony's NGP are flying about. According to a few sources the official name for the "NGP," Sony's newest handheld gaming device, is "VITA."

As in the Latin word for "life".

As in PlayStation Vita.

The rumors started when Games Pundit cited an anonymous source telling them Sony would announce NGP's final name at E3 next week: Vita. Most shrugged their shoulders, but some legitimate-looking presentation images leaked on another blog, Mega Rock. That blog's since taken itself down. Too late, though.

Respawn Entertainment (Created by former Infinity Ward executives Vince Zampella and Jason West) has hired a Iain McCaig, a concept artist behind such famous figures as Darth Maul and Queen Amidala along with characters in three James Bond games. He was part of the art design team for The Secret of Monkey Island.

Speaking with Develop, McCaig said that working with Respawn has been one of “the most exhilarating experiences I’ve ever had in my career”.

“Whether it’s military games or things set in space, it doesn’t matter, my huge burning passion is in designing people,” he added.

In an interview the site promises will be published soon, McCaig said that Respawn approached him for the game its currently working on, and he “simply couldn’t turn this offer down”.

There’s still no word on what exactlty the fellas are working on for EA at the moment, but whatever it is, it won’t be announced at E3.

According to a tweet from the developers: “For those asking, Respawn won’t be making any announcements at E3 this year. We will be wandering the floor though!”

Hideo Kojima's answered many questions of the Metal Gear Solid fan base, including if he's going to show Metal Gear Solid 5 at E3.

Will you appear at the Microsoft E3 press conference?
Will you announce Metal Gear Solid 5?

Will MGS 3D be released at the end of 2011?

Is Doctor Lautrec the new title from the Metal Gear staff?

NO (with a laugh)
Did Kojima Productions Not Work on Metal Gear Arcade?

Is Gray Fox the main character in MGS Rising?

Will MGS Rising's multiplayer be shown?

Is MGS Rising's release date November 1, 2011?

Will MGS4 be ported to NGP?

Are you planning something big for Metal Gear's 25th anniversary next year?


The game will release in calendar 2013. Platforms weren’t specified.

“Our quest to sign the best artists and work with the best talent continues,” said THQ core boss Danny Bilson.

“Turtle Rock Studios is responsible for one of the most original, critically acclaimed co-operative games of this generation, and we are incredibly excited to be working with them on their next project, which looks set to make a similar impact in the multiplayer space.”

Turtle Rock COO Phil Robb added: “This project is the most ambitious thing we’ve ever attempted, and we’re inspired by the support THQ has shown to help us realize that vision. We’re going to take the first person shooter experience to a whole new level, and we can’t wait to show the game for the first time in the months ahead.”

THQ has made clear, though, that the new game – which is still to be named – will not be shown at E3.

Nintendo has stated that they will stream their entire E3 press Conference through E3.Nintendo.Com.The briefing is slated to take place on June 7 at 9am PT (12pm ET) and promises to offer the first glimpse of Nintendo's Wii successor and probably another Zelda or Mario game.


The Old Republic is doing a World Tour of sorts in an effort to promote this massive saga of a video game.
  • E3 in Los Angeles, CA (June 7-9)
  • San Diego Comic-Con, CA (July 21-24)
  • Gamescom in Cologne, Germany (August 17-21)
  • PAX Prime in Seattle, WA (August 26-28)
  • Eurogamer Expo in London, UK (September 22-25)
  • New York Comic Con (October 13-16)
  • Paris Games Week (October 21-25)
  • DreamHack in Jönköping, Sweden (November 24-27)
The Old Republic is scheduled for the end of the year, but, may get pushed into January.

You read the title right; Valve has reported that they are not going to be releasing/announcing/teasing/previewing/etc at E3 2011. 

"Lots of folks have mailed asking about appointment times, etc., with Valve," said Valve's go-to man Doug Lombardi. "Well, we are not showing any titles at this year's show. So no appointment is needed," he added. 

A lot of gamers are ever-waiting for Half-Life Episode 3 to be announced but Valve is just bouncing back from their release of Portal 2 and details of HL3 are nil.

NOTE* This is a huge rumour. A list of codenamed ‘Project Café’ or ‘Nintendo Feel’ games has been leaked online on several gaming websites on the upcoming games that Nintendo are scheduled to show case at the E3 expo in June!
Some of these titles may seem unlikely, but remember this is a rumour.

The following games are:

First Party
Launch Games

Extreme Sports Cafe (New IP, Combines 1080 and Wave Race + Other Sports)
Pikmin Cafe (Interfaces with Pikmin 3DS)
Endless Ocean Cafe
Nintendogs Cafe Kennel (Interfaces with Nintendogs + Cats)
Mii Explore (New IP, Multiplayer Adventure Game)
Launch Window
Kirby’s Epic Yarn 2 (Launch Window, Multiplayer)
Wario Ware Cafe (Launch – Launch Window?)
Future Games
Super Mario Cafe (Late 2012/Early 2013, Paradigm Shift a la SM64)
Legend of Paper Zelda (Mid 2012, Paper Mario version of SNES Zelda)
Fire Emblem Cafe (Late 2012)
Retro Studios IP (Late 2012, New IP)
Project Sora IP (New IP)
Monolith Soft RPG (New IP)
Miyamoto Game (New IP)
Third Party
Launch Games
Battlefield 3 (Extra Content)
Street Fighter X Tekken (Timed Exclusive)
Super Monkey Ball Cafe
Tony Hawk Cafe
Ridge Racer Cafe
Mass Effect 3 (Possibly with ME 1 + 2)
Dragons Dogma
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
Metal Gear Solid: Rising (Extra Content)
Silent Hill: Downpour (Extra Content)
PES 2013 Cafe (Timed Exclusive)
Trauma Center Cafe
Launch Window
Modern Warfare 3
Grand Theft Auto V (Launch, Timed Exclusive)
Dead Space Spin Off
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Cafe
Soul Caliber V (Extra Content)
Future Games
Sonic Cafe (Sonic Generations)
Platinum Games IP (Bayonetta 2)
Phantasty Star Online 2 (Late 2012?)
SEGA Game (???)
The Amazing Spider-Man: The Game
Rockstar Game (New IP?)
BioShock Infinite (Timed Exclusive)
Red Steel III
Beyond Good & Evil 2
Doom 4
Madden 2013 (Timed Exclusive)
Tiger Woods 13
Fight Night Cafe
Need for Speed Cafe
Level-5 Game (New IP)
Kingdom Hearts Cafe (Possibly KH3)
Square Enix Game (New IP)
Square Enix Game (???)
Grasshopper Game (New IP or No More Heroes 3)
Valve Game (Possibly a collection set + new game?)
Epic Games (New IP, Bulletstorm 2 or New Gears of War Trilogy exclusive to Café)