The rumor-mill has been churning and whispering all over the internet about the newly bought domain names: Sony-Microsoft.com and Microsoft-Sony.com.

At first glance of those URLs you might think of a future partnership right? Or a new sense of friendship between the two media giants. But a Microsoft employee has spoken out on the registration of the domains.

Frank X. Shaw confirmed that this was just a defensive move in order to ensure that no third party can wrongfully purchase the said domains and misuse them.
Twitter Quote: "re: sony/ms domain names: Sony = great MS partner. No scoop here, this was just a defensive domain hold. Let's move on to weekend, kay? :)"

What do you believe? Could Sony/Microsoft be competing against Apple and Zynga?

With the rise of mobile gaming, online streaming, and new tech to adapt games onto, a whole new way to create games is here. The video game industry is getting risky and harder to make ends meet on the market. When the next generation hits, production value will increase with the new hardware and software making games more expensive. the more money thrown at games would make developers weary about taking risks with New IPs and functions. Big titles and sequels would take over the store shelves and new IPs would be rare. 

This theory also predicts that smaller developers and studios would be pushed out or close down due to costs and expenses.The Next Generation of gaming may sound bleak but lets hope the gamers running this industry know what they're doing, and if not...lets hope they know the cheat codes.


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