Brea Grant will portray lab intern Ryan Chambers in the upcoming sixth season pf Showtime's hit show Dexter.

shockya.com got a chance to interview her on her role and her thoughts on the series.

Shockya.com (S)
You’ll be appearing as Ryan Chambers in three episodes of the upcoming sixth season of ‘Dexter,’ which is set to debut in Fall 2011. How does Ryan fit into the season’s storyline?
Brea Grant (BG): I’ll be playing a new lab intern at the Miami Police Department who is a perfect match for Masuka…in many ways.

(S) What attracted you to Ryan? Were you a fan of the series before you were cast?
BG: I was a fan of the show (who isn’t??) because it’s so smartly written and pushes so many boundaries. When I got the opportunity to audition for the show, I jumped at it. Ryan’s a completely different character for me. I’m generally the smart but kind of dorky girl who marches to the beat of her own drum. There are elements of that here, but Ryan is definitely written as “sexy” as well as smart and a little dark. So, it’s interesting for me to be the hot girl on set as opposed to the girl with the glasses.
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