The long-awaited single-player add-on for BioWare's sci-fi threequel gets an underwater preview in this teaser 
One of the hardest things to communicate about ZombiU is the way the Wii U's new controller is integrated into the game. In the first part of this "making of" documentary from Ubisoft, executive producer Guillaume Brunier walks us through the basic setup of the game (roguelike-like-meets-Demon's Souls) and show how the touch-screen is used.  
Star Wars 1313 has a new video available, which is a short documentary called Descent to the Underworld. Along with providing a bit of new information on the title, the video also shows off some rather nice artwork depicting the criminal underworld of Level 1313, deep below the surface of Coruscant. In the game, players will step into the shoes of a bounty hunter – instead of a Jedi this time – and while LucasArts has yet to announce platforms or release window for Star Wars 1313, some suspect it may be an early next-generation console release.