According to trusted gaming site, Develop, Microsoft and Sony are almost ready to release their new consoles.

The next console from Microsoft will have an E3 2013 Announcement with a Holiday Launch or even early 2014, and Sony should launch around 2014.

Develop claims that several projects are already underway for the new Microsoft system, including a Fable game at Lionhead internally named 'Fable Next'.

The site says data from multiple "sources across the industry, from processor chip manufacturers to middleware firms" confirm that Microsoft is getting ready.

"A trusted source connected to the matter" told Develop that several of Sony's 16 internal studios have stated work on PS4 game concepts that could enter into full production if given the green light.

The site claims Sony has yet to finalize the console's technical specifications and that the PS3 successor isn't expected to launch before 2014.

Did you purchase Batman: Arkham City yesterday only to find the Catwoman download voucher was code-less?

Publisher Warner Bros. is aware of the problem, and issued a statement on Twitter saying they're looking into that matter. "We are aware that some people did not receive the Catwoman code in their game.You will get to play as the sexy thief, stay tuned for update."

Other customers are reporting on the official forums the code they received doesn't even work at all. Was your copy code-less?


The 320GB hard drive included in the Gears of War 3Modern Warfare 3 and assorted other bundles will go on sale by itself later this month for $130.

You might ask yourself, "Why should I pay this much for a hard drive," the answer is that the hard drive comes with an Xbox Live download code for Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars$20 value!


Publisher Deep Silver has updated its release plans for Dead Island's Bloodbath Arena DLC, which had previously been delayed so the game itself could get out the door.

The publisher says that the DLC will now come out in mid-November. It was originally free to anyone who pre-ordered the game at GameStop, and will cost around $10 when it comes out. Bloodbath Arena features four new areas, the Brain Bomb weapon, and lets you transfer earned XP and items into the main game.


No E3 announcement from Microsoft or Sony has foreshadowed new consoles, but it’s safe to say both companies are running through prototypes, ideas, and sketches. With Nintendo hard at work on the Wii U, some interesting tidbits have emerged regarding Microsoft's next Xbox.

Twitter user superogatory has discovered a few professional profiles that highlight Microsoft personnel working specifically on the Xbox 360 successor.

Here’s the crew:
  • Jeff Faulkner – Xbox next gen creative director
  • Jonathan Harris – Senior creative director
  • Patrick Corrigan – graphic designer working on “groundwork and integration for branding elements for next-gen XBOX…”
  • Joe Langevin – Microsoft intern “designed and simulated high speed data buses…”
I know this tease of news isn't mind-blowing or surprising, but it is nice to see some weight to the rumors.

Microsoft has been positioning the Xbox 360 as a media hub for quite some time now, and today's batch of screens certainly reinforces that intention. As the company announced at E3, UFC matches will soon be available for live viewing on the console. These new screens show off some of the functionality that Microsoft hopes will entice viewers to reach for their controller instead of their cable box the next time a big pay-per-view match comes along.

In addition to getting HD streams of the events, viewers who watch UFC matches on the Xbox 360 will have several interactive options available as well. These include event previews, press conferences and weigh-ins, interviews, and other pre-match goodies. Once the bell rings, viewers can predict the winners and see how those hunches fare in online leaderboards. Players can take control of all of this using either their controller or through Kinect's motion interface. The service will begin December 1.

These screens follow the recent confirmation that the company is partnering up with Comcast and several other content providers to deliver more live TV options to Xbox Live subscribers.

Microsoft today confirmed that they have teamed up with 40 TV and entertainment providers to bring shows and live television to Xbox Live.
The list of partnerships includes some heavy hitters like Bravo, Comcast, HBO GO, Verizon FiOS and Syfy in the U.S. They will start hitting consoles worldwide this holiday.

"We've announced that we are now collaborating with Microsoft to soon deliver a great selection of live, FiOS TV channels over the Xbox Entertainment System," wrote Verizon's Bobbi Henson. "What really makes this exciting is that this innovative, new service will integrate live, multi-channel streaming HD TV and Kinect voice and gesture commands via the Xbox."

"By bringing the technologically advanced Verizon FiOS TV service to Xbox 360 and Kinect, we are advancing our vision to provide the best in entertainment in extraordinary new ways," said Tom Gibbons, corporate vice president of the TV & Service Business for the Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft. "Xbox 360 brings all your entertainment, friends and family together in one place, and we look forward to introducing Verizon FiOS TV to the console this holiday."
Here's the full list of international TV providers:

• ABC iView – Australia
• AlloCiné – France, Germany, Spain, U.K.
• Antena 3 – Spain
• Astral Media's Disney XD – Canada
• AT&T** – U.S.
• BBC – U.K.
• blinkbox – U.K.
• Bravo – U.S.
• BSkyB** – U.K.
• Canal+* – France, Spain
• Channel 4 – U.K.
• Channel 5 – U.K.
• CinemaNow (Best Buy) – U.S.
• Comcast – U.S.
• Crackle – Australia, Canada, U.K., U.S.
• Dailymotion – Available in 32 markets
• EPIX – U.S.
• ESPN** – U.S.
• Facebook** – Available in all 35 Xbox LIVE markets
• FOXTEL** – Australia
• GolTV – Spain
• HBO GO – U.S.
• Hulu – Japan
• Hulu +**– U.S.
• iHeartRadio (Clear Channel) – U.S.
• Last.fm** – U.K., U.S.
• LOVEFiLM – Germany, U.K.
• Manga Entertainment – U.S.
• Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment/Real Sports – Canada
• MediaSet – Italy
• MSN with MSNBC.com – Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain, U.K.
• MUZU.TV – France, Germany, Italy, Spain, U.K.
• Netflix**– Canada, U.S.
• Rogers On Demand Online (RODO) – Canada
• RTVE – Spain
• SBS On Demand – Australia
• Syfy – U.S.
• Telefonica – Spain
• Televisa – Mexico
• "The Today Show" – U.S.
• TELUS** – Canada
• TMZ – U.S.
• Twitter** – Available in all 35 Xbox LIVE markets
• UFC – Canada, U.S.
• Verizon – U.S.
• VEVO – Canada, U.K., U.S.
• VimpelCom** – Russia
• Vodafone Portugal** – Portugal
• YouTube – Available in 22 markets
• ZDF – Germany
• Zune** – Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain

Xbox LIVE Gold membership and/or other subscriptions/fees required. ** Denotes existing partners on Xbox LIVE available today.