It's happening. After long speculation, alot of lies and rumors, many years and stress Bethesda is in production of the direct sequel from IV. Its real.

It took 4 years to create Oblivion. My guess is that Bethesda has already been working on TESV secretly for awhile.

This is a list of what ThePauseMenu wants in TESV.

-Bethesda NEEDS to improve thier gaming engine.
Oblivion and Fallout 3 are two of the greatest RPG games ever made but they have thier share of bugs, glitches, and annoying broken peices of code. Whether it be flailing ragdoll physics, getting stuck in a rock in the wasteland, or mission objectives being ruined by some wierd act of death upon a crucial character. Bethesda needs to upgrade and use the massive amount of money they have to create a massiveengine to hold this new tale.

-TESV NEEDS to remain an RPG first and foremost.
Too many RPGs are cutting corners and jumping the fence into new genres and trying to gain new fans by playing both sides. Bethesda doesn't need to divert from thier roots; Oblivion was a fantastic adventure that deserved the title of GameOfTheYear. Character creation and progression is so important to this companys success and it's why Oblivion and Fallout 3 were so popular.

-Character Customization NEEDs More Options.
Games like Fallout 3 and Oblivion lacked in this area. Not enough options to choose from when you're making your character and little to no change through the course of the game. TESV NEEDS to be able to always allow you to customize your armor, weapons, horses, houses, etc with a wide range of colours, enchantments, and frills of all kinds. Not to mention the limited array of hairstyles and facial structures available. It may be over-the-top but when I get into an RPG I want to enjoy what my character looks like.

-Duel-Wielding Would be nice but it's not NEEDED.
Two many fans of Two-Worlds downed Oblivion for not allowing players to wield two axes or a longsword and a short blade together. I for one didn't see the reason for arguement. If TESV includes this feature I'd like to see a good counter-balance feature. If your player is particulary good in axe combat and attempts to wield another axe without the right amount of skill the player should have a penalty on his attack and defense. Its only fair; a game in GODMODE isn't as satisfying as a normal play through.

-Increase in Map Size
Oblivion measured 16 square miles. Now thats quite a bit of world when all you have is your feet and your trusty steed, BUT It can be bigger. The Elder Scrolls: Dagger Fall for the PC was over 62,000 square miles. THAT IS MASSIVE. Its not a matter of who has the bigger boat its about longevity. If a game has a large area and a mission set that can keep the player interested, hooked, and addicted so they'll never be bored. They wont have to reappear in the same merchant town over and over to sell the same merchandise to the same people. It becomes mundane, and that is bad for a video game and even worse for an RPG.
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What I would like to see is another region of The Elder Scrolls mythic world, Tamriel, played. My personal choices; Pyandones, Summerset Isles, and Valenwood. 3 Provinces that include, islands, lakes, rivers, mountains, and a huge piece of land. Alot of fans wanted to see Pirate inspired DLC, they wanted boats and sea battles. TESV Can offer alot. There are some many mission option if you include Islands and river; smuggliing, slaves, illeagal trading, pirate mischief, and thats just the bad stuff!
Using more than 1 province can let the player expierience different lifestyles, architecture, culture, and give the player a sense of reality in a world thats so full of magic.
-Missions NEED to be more creative
Players are always hounding developers about what they messed up on and what could've been, but it's not a lie to say that most mission are based on someone wanted help. Thats the basis for any real plot and story line. Oblivion, like alot of RPGs, had "Go Here, Kill These, Come back" missions and to me that's fine. But there are alot of ways that writers and developers can be creative. Plus DLC is always there to spruce things up.

-NO Multiplayer
Alot of people wanted multiplayer in Oblivion. Not I said the fly. There are many great series out there and single title games that would make great MMOs but I believe adding multiplayer to The Elder Scrolls could spell disaster for the engine, the codex, and most of all the feeling of the game. In my mind The Elder Scrolls and Fallout should always be single-player.
However Fable 2/3 created a nice multiplayer jump-in-out program. If it were tweaked and improved I could see it being a hit. But otherwise leave it to WOW.

Shivering Isles and Knights of the Nine were great DLC packages. Even better was the release of Fallout 3's 5 DLC packs that not only changed the setting and mission structure but changed the genre of the game! Point Lookout and Into the Pitt are a hint of survival horror, Mothership Zeta posed a science fiction threat, and Operation: Anchorage made you feel like a spy.
TESV NEEDS strong, creative DLC at crucial parts of its shelflife. Weapon and Armor Packs, Mission Packs, and maybe even unlockable characters such as special merchants and mercenaries.

Thanks for reading. This has been the short list from ThePauseMenu

11/28/2010 14:00

I must say that I share your view on multiplayer, if they added MP it would suck (just like 2worlds) it would be much harder to make a good RPG if there are multiple sources that change the outcome of any and all. however fable 3 might have a better MP than fabe 2 ( i havent looked in to that yet)

The map on the other hand.
I love exploring new content BUT if you could choose where to start, different quests according to race and things youve done before and ofc things you havent done yet.
in TES and Fallout for example there is those speech challenges, apply those to the whole game and by doing so you dont need a big map, because people will make more characters and different choices.



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