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It’s official. Lionsgate has acquired Summit Entertainment for a combination of cash and stock valued at 
$412.5 million. This acquisition effectively turns Lionsgate into a teen super studio, as they now hold the rights to the insanely successful Twilight franchise as well as The Hunger Games

While The Hunger Games has yet to be released in theaters, the book series’ rabid fanbase all but ensures that the futuristic adventure pic will be a hit (a screenwriter is already hard at work on the sequel adaptation). 


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Stieg Larsson’s Millinium Trilogy has proven to be a wrecking ball of entertainment with the novels hitting major bookshelves selling out in stores, having Noomi Rapace lead the TV movies in Sweden (My Personal Favorites), and the new blockbuster american remake from David Fincher this previous December.

Now, DC Entertainment’s Vertigo will be cashing in on the success of the trilogy. “We’re thrilled to be adapting this incredible story into a series of graphic novels. Denise, Lee, Leonardo and Andrea have such great passion for the material and stylistically they’re a perfect match to bring it to comics life. Their beautifully dark and visceral work will certainly blow us all away,”stated Karen Berger, executive editor, Vertigo. 

The first issue will be out this November. 


This is Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins himself in the upcoming film Dark Shadows.

The image appeared in Entertainment Weekly's 2012 preview, which is hitting stands this week.  Depp and Pfeiffer co-star with Helena Bonham Carter, Eva Green, Jackie Earle Haley, Jonny Lee Miller, Bella Heathcote, Chloe Moretz and Gulliver McGrath.  The film opens May 11. 

Directed by Tim Burton, Dark Shadows is a gothic-horror tale centering on the life of vampire Barnabas Collins and his run-ins with various monsters, witches, werewolves and ghosts that's based on the cult TV series. 


As 2012 rolls out major studios are releasing some of the best footage of their upcoming releases. A trio of stills from Tim Burton's Frankenweenie has appeared online. The film is a feature length animated version of Burton's own previous live action short film, Frankenweenie tells the story of a boy who brings his beloved dog back to life with the power of science. 

Burton has been sort of easing his way back into directing animation after a feature career spent almost entirely in live action work. Though his earliest credits are a string of animated short films, Frankenweenie will be the first animated film directed solely by Burton - The Nightmare Before Christmas was directed by Henry Selick and Corpse Bride a co-direction - and it's clearly from material close to Burton's heart as he's tried to get a feature version of the short up and running for years.