The official Twitter account for APB Reloaded, the free-to-play relaunch of the troubled MMO shooter by GamersFirst, says that the closed beta of the new version will begin as soon as next month. Information will reportedly be sent out to interested parties (presumably including former APB players, though you cansign up on the official site as well) this week. Then, in February, closed beta servers will come back online as the game gets its second chance to succeed.

ThePauseMenu has been fascinated with APB since I uploaded Closed BETA footage from the original closed BETA to youtube. The videos were taken down and my account was closed.
The game was nearly perfect; soundtrack, load-times, gameplay, difficulty, camera angles, game modes, driving, everything worked.

Here's to the Relaunch of APB! WOOT!


5/4/2011 06:03:07 pm

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