Sharks. Need we say more? The fact of the matter is; the waters of GTA have been lackluster at best. Falling into the oceans of GTAIV and the rivers of Vice City were at best boring and lonesome. It seems with this photo it confirms that you can be killed by something other than drowning in the waters of San Andreas. 
No doubt cell phones are coming back into gameplay after such a success in GTAIV. But submarines?! What kinda of weird missions will we undertake with a private submersible? Did i hear you scream "pirate treasure?" 
Three things about this photo. First we can conclude that jets ARE in the game. Secondly is that one of the main characters is driving the plane on the left, which looks like a 747, and the character on the right is flying a mock-up of a F14. Lastly, a dirigible can be seen in the background. These blimps have been apart of GTA for quite some time. They can be seen in the skies giving advertisements to radio stations but if you're daring and lucky enough to reach one you cannot crash them; they're technically not even there. But can we pilot one in GTAV?
Peter Molyneux would be proud. Is this a hint that we can have pets in the game? If so are they in danger? Or is this just a cheeky screenshot from a cinematic?