After turning the heads of action fans around the world with his role as Jaka in The Raid, Indonesia's former national judo champion Joe Taslim has joined the cast of Fast Six.

The sixth entry in The Fast And The Furious franchise is shooting now in the UK and Taslim has now joined the crew to play a character named Jah, a killer with martial arts skills.

Justin Lin directs with Vin Diesel, Luke Evans, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, Paul Walker, Jordanna Brewster, Michelle Rodriguez and Gina Carano.
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OnLive has confirmed its cloud gaming service will be available at launch on the crowd-sourced Android console Ouya.

Confirming a CVG story that first reported the OnLive Ouya deal, an OnLive statement said Ouya can extend and build on its commitment to "make the best games available to everyone, everywhere."

The statement reads: "When OnLive first heard about Ouya, we were excited to see console gaming becoming more available and open. Like Ouya, we came to gaming with a new vision for making top-quality gaming accessible to more people, and we continue to look for ways to expand on that vision.

"Ouya is rethinking the console business, making waves by using standard technology to make gaming for your living room accessible, affordable and more innovative than ever. In OnLive's case, we pioneered a groundbreaking, cloud-based system that instantly delivers games to any device on demand.

"We are pleased to announce that OnLive will be available on Ouya at launch, extending and building on our commitment to make the best games available to everyone, everywhere."

For OUYA backers, OnLive added, the deal means thus:

OnLive will deliver "hundreds" of games from more than 80 publishers to the Ouya console for play on demand.
Ouya owners will be able to play any of these games both at home on their Ouya console, and on the go on PCs, Macs, tablets and phones.
Instant demos will be available, allowing customers up to 30 minutes of free game time before deciding on whether to buy the tech.
OnLive UK boss Bruce Grove told CVG of the startup console yesterday: "If Ouya comes along and connects to your TV and suddenly puts games in front of people in an easy way and makes it low friction, that's going to attract a new market.

"The industry has exploded and now there are far more people out there who are playing games than we might consider to be gamers. Give someone a $99 box, tell them to plug it into their TV, give them a whole load of games, at $99 [Ouya] are going to do pretty well."
Unable to search for your Twitter friends on Instagram? It seems Twitter has blocked off API access. Ugh.

It applies to the latest version of Instagram (2.5.1), so you won't notice until you update . Regardless, that totally sucks. Perhaps this is Twitter's way of pushing back against Facebook's acquisition of the photo sharing network. And for the record, Twitter hasn't revoked the entire API, just this feature. The timing, however, is interesting with Facebook's first earnings report happening this afternoon. [TheNextWeb]
Telltale Games announced today that their highly popular reimagining of The Walking Dead television series/graphic novel will be coming to iOS devices very soon. According to a new blog post on Telltale's website, it will be hitting the App Store this Thursday, July 26, 2012.

The Walking Dead: The Game has already seen amazing success on consoles and PC. It was one of the fastest-selling games in XBLA history when it launched on that platform in April, holding the #1 spot for two weeks. The first episode alone sold over one million copies in just twenty days. Episode 2 is also said to have been very successful as well.

We'll have to wait and see how well the iOS version does, but we predict it will sell ridiculously well. Not great. Not amazing. Ridiculous. This game seems like it will work great on iOS, and it's also branded on an extremely hot IP that has lots of crossover with tech-savvy iPhone users. It will also likely get support from Apple as one of the games of the week, getting it high visibility in front of millions of potential customers. And of course, it's got zombies, which will likely lead to tons of great word-of-mouth.

Moreover, the customers they reach on the iPhone are largely different from the ones who have already purchased it on PC, PSN, or XBLA. It seems like it has a chance to do extremely well with that half-interested-in-gaming crowd the iPhone has become famous for.
We really haven't heard a lot about the Mass Effect movie lately.  Comic-Con 2011 brought a lot of hype about the movie, but since then, things have been sort of quiet. Today there's news: There is a Mass Effect movie script. According to an article on Deadline, Mark Protosevich, who wrote Thor, I Am Legend and The Cell, has written a Mass Effect script for Legendary Pictures.

According to the FAQ posted by Legendary, the Mass Effect film will "focus on Commander Shepard's journey, centering around the story of the original Mass Effect game." It will feature male Sheppard. Other than that, no decisions had been made regarding casting or really much else, it seems.

Interestingly, Legendary's plan for the Mass Effect movie seems to have been changed since it was originally announced. Way back in September, Legendary said the Mass Effect movie's plot would not be based on the games, and would tell "a completely new story."  The company also said that Seth Green would not play Joker in the film version, but since then, the company seems to have backpedaled a bit, and now say "No casting decisions have been made yet."
Ouya, the Android-based games console that sparked an investment craze on Kickstarter, is believed will be a small as a Rubik's Cube when the product is finalised.

Yves Béhar, a lead hardware designer on the Ouya project, said his team has "made a deliberate attempt" to avoid building a console that resembles more classic systems such as the Xbox 360 and PS3.

"Our console is quite small, around the size of a Rubik's cube, and so it will easily fit anywhere in a room, or be easy to throw in a backpack," he said in a live Q&A published on Kotaku.

The system, built by Fuseproject, is expected to pack a Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core ARM processor, as well as 1GB of memory, 8 GB of flash storage and two USB ports.

Béhar said the design of the microsize console will be crucial for its hardware arrangement as well as aesthetics.

"We intend to give the Tegra chipset room to breathe, as obviously it does get warm. Airflow is important here," he said.

Traditionally a Rubik's cube measures 2.2 inches in length, width and depth.

The system's controller is expected to be of similar size to classic controllers such as Xbox 360 and PS3.

At the time of going to press, Ouya Kickstarter crowdfunding project has raised $5.4 million. Fuseproject has pledged to sell the system at $99, and claims the console will be easily hackable.

More than 42,000 people have backed the project with their own cash.
At the end of last month, The Bourne Legacy producer Frank Marshall revealed that his ideal plans for a fifth film in the franchise would see Jeremy Renner's Aaron Cross teaming up with Matt Damon's Jason Bourne. At today's press conference for the August 10th release, Renner and Marshall offered a brief update about the state of future entries in the franchise.

"We're gonna follow Jeremy's character," Marshall said. "Everything else is wide open. That's the great thing about this now. The table is set to go any direction we want to. But we will, I'm sure, follow Jeremy and see what happens. Jeremy and Rachel [Weisz]."

So while a fifth film isn't necessarily going to include Damon's Bourne, Marshall doesn't preclude the possibility. Renner himself, meanwhile, was even more coy about continuing Cross' adventures.

"As far as the future," said the actor, "I'm excited that the architects and the creators behind this whole thing have cleverly left it wide open for fans like myself to wonder what's going to go on next."

Also starring Edward Norton, Albert Finney, Joan Allen, Scott Glenn, Stacy Keach and Oscar Isaac, The Bourne Legacy opens in theaters on August 10.
Microsoft's Q4 earnings are out, and despite increased revenue from last quarter, Microsoft has posted their first ever loss in the company's 26-year history - $492M to be precise - the company earned just $192M in operating income before taxes this quarter.
Some analysts saw this coming, due to Microsoft's writedown of digital advertising firm aQuantive. What's a writedown you ask? In 2007, Microsoft acquired the aQuantive, but declared the purchase a failure. The result was a written loss of assets in Microsoft's books.
Microsoft remains optimistic, though. “We delivered record fourth quarter and annual revenue, and we’re fast approaching the most exciting launch season in Microsoft history,” said Steve Ballmer, chief executive officer of Microsoft, in Microsoft's most recent press release regarding the report.

“Over the coming year, we’ll release the next versions of Windows, Office, Windows Server, Windows Phone, and many other products and services that will drive our business forward and provide unprecedented opportunity to our customers and partners.”

Could a new Xbox be a part of that "other products and services?" It's likely - Microsoft's entertainment and devices division alone saw a 20% increase in revenue this quarter, at $364 million. But that's still far from last year's $1.26 billion in profit. Of course, at the tail end of a console cycle, it's far from surprising.

With Windows 8 on the way, PC purchasing and revenue should pick up again in the fall.
DirecTV and Viacom announced they have reached an agreement that will end the blackout that has kept 26 of the conglom's channels off the satcaster's lineup since July 10.
"We are very pleased to be able to restore the channels to our customers and thank them for their unprecedented patience and support," said Derek Chang, executive vice president of Content Strategy and Development for DIRECTV. "It's unfortunate that Viacom took the channels away from customers to try to gain leverage, but in the end, it's clear our customers recognized that tactic for what it was."

"Viacom is extremely pleased to bring its programming back to DIRECTV subscribers, and thanks everyone affected by the disruption for their patience and understanding during this challenging period," read a statement from the conglom.
PC gamers, and everyone else who owns a PC: Microsoft’s announced Windows 8 will release on October 26. The announcement was made during the firm’s annual sales meeting today. While expected in October for quite some time, at least now you have an actual date.