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Opening Statement- The Fictional Story of Assassin's Creed is great and addicting.
Brotherhood continues the story of Ezio Auditore De Firenze and his role in the revolution of Roma during the early 1500's. Brotherhood also leaves Desmond in a massive cliff-hanger but I'll get into that later.

Brotherhood has a great storyline that still has Rodrigo Borgia as the Main villain but another baddie, "Cesare", is your #1 target throughout the game. Many many guards and important people fall under your blade and the fiction/non-fiction flip-flop is great to kill the boredom you might feel running around 16th century Rome.
Ezio can now recruit assassins. Your assassin's can aid you in missions, attacks, and mini missions where they can level up and get new equipment. 

Ezio's Free-running and parkour has increased and the game's fluidity is still great, however, some of the obstacles you jump, hang, cling, hit, and stand on can become glitched and prevent you from continuing. Some of the targets freeze and prevent you from actually killing them. Example- crossbow fire seems to miss the target completely going through the target.

Your "assassin" add a great feature that can be fun and really satisfying to watch 1-10 AIs take down enemy guards leaving your path clear. Side missions are in abundance and its hard to decide what to do at any one time.

You can:
buy stores and monuments (which increase you wealth up to 20K+ florins ever 20 minutes)
do quests for friends, missions, and stores (to get special equipment)
Scout synch towers and Borgia Towers to destroy (relieving enemy power from a certain district)
complete assassination missions
send your assassins on missions to level them up and to gain new equipment
search for treasure
gain new skills in the animus training center
search the Romulus guilds for scrolls leading to a nice treasure of armor, florins, and a brutal dagger
discover Borgia flags
use eagle vision to find Subject 16's glyphs and solve the puzzles hidden within

New Features:
Weapons & Accessories: Crossbow, Poison Darts, Parachutes, Heavy Weapon Sheath
Merch- Stores, Buildings, Monuments, Upgrades to weapons and armor
Assassin Guild- Recruit of to 10 assassins to use at your will.
Enemies- Smarter AI
Aggressive style Combat
Multiplayer Gameplay

I cannot review the multiplayer because I did not play the multiplayer. Apologies.
Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

+ Great Story
+ Satisfying Gameplay
+ Parkour is entertaining
- Overload of missions and objectives
- Need More Desmond
:( Cliffhanger Ending is OMFG

AC:B is a fun game that can leave you with a headache, but overall its gets a 5/5.
AC:B has a 2 page Booklet...^_-
12/30/2010 02:30:52 am

Thanks Dan. Nick loving this Game


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