Well, it seems like the details regarding the release of the NBA Jam reboot on the 360 and PS3 have changed yet again. EA Sports just announced that its upcoming basketball title, NBA Elite 11, has been delayed beyond its release next month to an undisclosed launch window. You know, NBA Elite 11 -- that game that would come with a download voucher for NBA Jam, serving as "the ONLY way" players could grab Jam on Microsoft or Sony's home consoles? Seems that line's changed too.

The delay announcement also revealed that "we're going to ship NBA Jam as a standalone product on the Xbox 360 and PS3 in time for the holidays. Watch for more news soon on the exact timing of that release." We're going to hound EA to find out more about these plans -- will it be a retail release (the use of the word "ship" certainly seems to indicate as much). If so, will it carry a $60 price tag? Will NBA Elite 11 still come with a free copy of Jam, or has that offer been summarily revoked? Is this a test? Are you testing us?


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