Microsoft has been positioning the Xbox 360 as a media hub for quite some time now, and today's batch of screens certainly reinforces that intention. As the company announced at E3, UFC matches will soon be available for live viewing on the console. These new screens show off some of the functionality that Microsoft hopes will entice viewers to reach for their controller instead of their cable box the next time a big pay-per-view match comes along.

In addition to getting HD streams of the events, viewers who watch UFC matches on the Xbox 360 will have several interactive options available as well. These include event previews, press conferences and weigh-ins, interviews, and other pre-match goodies. Once the bell rings, viewers can predict the winners and see how those hunches fare in online leaderboards. Players can take control of all of this using either their controller or through Kinect's motion interface. The service will begin December 1.

These screens follow the recent confirmation that the company is partnering up with Comcast and several other content providers to deliver more live TV options to Xbox Live subscribers.