Director Sam Raimi has reportedly chosen to make a new Wizard of Oz film before tackling the World of Warcraft movie.
Blizzard and Legendary Pictures announced last July that Raimi had signed on to helm a live action film based on Blizzard's universe, but it looks like we'll be waiting some time for its arrival.
After abandoning work on Spider-Man 4 it was apparently a toss-up whether Raimi would start work on Oz: The Great And Powerful or World of Warcraft as his next film. It turns out he chose the former, Deadline reports.

The World of Warcraft film was said to be in the script stage in January and Superman actor Brandon Routh has said he'd like to star.

Earlier today Blizzard announced that World of Warcraft's subscriber base has topped 12 million ahead of the launch of the game's third expansion, Cataclysm, on December 7.

Yesterday it was rumoured that Steven Spielberg's DreamWorks Pictures is looking to secure the rights to make a Halo film using the game franchise's novel tie-ins as the source material.

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