You're getting a Kinect! And you're getting a Kinect! And you, and you and you're getting a Kinect! Oprah did today what only Bejeweled and FarmVille have been able to do so far: Get a bunch of middle-aged women ecstatically excited about video games. The television guru indeed gave an Xbox 360 system and a Kinect sensor away to every member of her studio audience this afternoon, and while you might expect a group of gamers to be a little thrilled about that, this crowd went freakin' nuts.

The show was about "The Next Big Thing," and featured an appearance by reality show crooner Susan Boyle, as well as a segment on The Daily Show's upcoming "Rally to Restore Sanity" anti-movement. But whatever the reason Oprah decided to go all Microsoft motion controller on her audience, it appears to have worked -- they loved it. Maybe this means they don't have to buy Christmas presents for the kids this year? Watch the whole surreal video after the break.


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