Its not a huge secret to Party-goers or "Ravers" that Glowsticks are very very cool. And to the creative eye they can be super fun and entertaining.
Sold everywhere and able to be purchased at any age Glow Sticks are a staple for camping and other situations.
But lets say you want to be more creative like I did in the above picture. You need to know a few things first.

Most Glow Sticks are made of two chemicals, most commonly Hydrogen Pyroxide, Phenyl Oxalate, and the dye colour of your choice. When you bend the stick you crack the inner layer containing the Pyroxide, which mixes with the Phenyl Oxalate and dye to create a chemical reaction.

Dangers Glow sticks contain hydrogen peroxide, and phenol is produced as a by-product. It is advisable, therefore, to keep the mixture away from skin and to prevent accidental ingestion if the glow stick case splits or breaks. If spilled on skin the chemicals could cause slight skin irritation, swelling, or, in extreme circumstances, vomiting and nausea. Some ravers will cut or break open a glow stick and apply the glowing solution directly to bare skin in order to make their bodies glow. Some of the chemicals used in older glow sticks were thought to potentially be carcinogens. The sensitizers used are polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons, a class of compounds known for their carcinogenity. Also it is wise to avoid all contact with thin membranes such as the eye or nasal area. Despite reports to the contrary, it is not safe to smoke or ingest glowing phenol, and it will not produce any drug-like effects. The fluid contained in glow sticks can also dissolve some types of plastic.

for more info on Glowsticks and their history go to Wikipedia.

The light and effects may be real cool but the smoke and chemicals realeased can burn your lungs and cause major illness. Not to mention it harms the enviroment.

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