Will there be Elvis songs?

Sorry guys, no Elvis in FNV.

We felt we were better off getting a wide variety of music than getting a single Elvis song.

Asked about components for ammo crafting:

You can occasionally find boxes of primers, boxes of cases, or jars of powder on merchants (usually at the Gun Runners).

About fast travel in hardcore mode:

In Hardcore mode, fast travel only works if you won't die due to dehydration/starvation/etc. during the time it takes to get there. So there are *some* limitations on it.

If you travel a long distance you are likely to have your H20/FOD/SLP meters lighting up when you get to your destination.

The PipBoy shows exact values (as with RAD in F3), but the HUD has pop-ups for general "danger".

When you hit the first level of badness, the three letter abbreviation will pop up but be dim and HUD-colored. So if your HUD is set to blue and you hit Minor Dehydration, it's a dark blue, semi-opaque H20.

When you hit the second level, it's normal HUD color, fully opaque. No messin' around, get some H20.

At the third level, it turns red. At the fourth level, it slowly pulses red. At the fifth level... http://tinyurl.com/32rokgl

There are five abbreviations that can show up on the HUD: H20, FOD, SLP, RAD, and LMB. With limbs the color changes as more of your limbs are crippled. Just in case you forget that your torso, both legs, and both arms are piles of mush.

Minimum Strength requirements:

Melee/unarmed weapons for which you do not meet the STR requirement inflict an attack rate penalty instead of an accuracy penalty.

                    This general formula also applies to weapon soft skill requirements. Miniguns have a high STR/high Guns requirement, so if you try to use one with a 3 STR, 20 Guns, you're going to be a virtual Don Knotts starring in the Shakiest Gun in the Mojave.

Humans don't wield miniguns in real life. Humans use miniguns mounted on objects. Even the one Jesse Ventura used in Predator required enormous effort to carry around and was powered by two truck batteries. There's also the problem of ammunition weight. They're not infantry weapons -- not yet, anyway. Superheroes only!

Minimum skill requirements:

Yes, it's the (soft) skill requirement for the weapon. Early weapons have no numeric skill requirement even though they are (obviously) tied to a specific skill. More powerful weapons have higher skill requirements. If you don't meet the requirements, the weapon will either be less accurate or your attacks will be slower. The top-tier weapons in the game have a 100 skill requirement (e.g. the AMR, Gatling Laser).

So if you neglect Energy Weapons for half the game and pick up a Gauss Rifle, you will have some pretty swervy aim. As with STR requirements, you can still use the weapon if you don't meet the requirement, but you're really ineffective with it.

In response to ammo questions

First, ammo types can alter, among other things, the projectile being used, including the number of projectiles per round consumed (particularly useful for buckshot/slugs).

Second, ammo types can be switched through the PipBoy inventory menu or in real-time by using a hotkey.

You equip the ammo in the ammo section of the inventory. It works pretty much like equipping weapons or apparel but any ammo that is invalid for your current weapon is "dark" (like a broken piece of gear would be).

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