This is what it looks like when two teams of Diablo III players take each other on in that game's new PVP arena.

You can read all about the new PVP arenas in our original post on the news, fresh out of BlizzCon 2010 this morning. As we learned at the Diablo III gameplay panel this morning, the new plays a huge part in the PVP battles, facilitating matchmaking for teams of like-minded and like skilled adventurers.

Blizzard's Jay Wilson explained that the team focused on team-based battles because there are just too many different player builds possible in Diablo III, so one-on-one balance would be next to impossible. They're still looking into implementing one-on-one duels for those of you who care not for balance.

[Source: Kotaku]
You can now stare at the Blizzcon 2010 schedule and dream. What will they reveal at the keynote if we got Cataclysm revealed last year? What's with the Diablo III panels? Where is StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm? This is the official Blizzcon schedule, revealed today for anyone attending the annual convention for all games Blizzard. The convention will be held in Anaheim, California on October 22 and 23.
It was unlikely that the schedule would show any update on Heart of the Swarm, the next installment to follow summer's StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. (Here's what we do know about Heart of the Swarm.)

The convention runs less than seven weeks before the release of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, so that WoW expansion will be a big part of the event.

And Diablo III? It's the Blizzard game for 2011, isn't it? Maybe? Blizzard hasn't publicly nailed that down, of course.

I'm thinking this first post-keynote panel will reveal plenty.

Diablo III Gameplay
Friday 12pm, Main Stage
What's in store next for the heroes of Sanctuary? Learn about the latest game developments in this don't-miss panel for Diablo players.