Has your Chuck Greene gone over the edge? Then you'll likely wanna check out the first bit of Dead Rising 2 DLC, the Psychopath Skills Pack, available today on Xbox Live and PSN for 160 Microsoft Points and $1.99, respectively.
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The Dead Rising 2 pre-order bonus DLC will be made available for purchase on PSN and Xbox Live Marketplace over the coming weeks. Each pack will cost $1.99 (or 160 Microsoft Points). Bonuses in the packs can be combined to form the ultimate Chuck and include:

* Psychopath Pack (Oct. 12) -- Bonus when using iconic horror movie weapons (chainsaws, cleavers, axes)
* Soldier of Fortune Pack (Oct. 19) -- Doubles ammo, increases shooting and headshot accuracy; special bullet spray attack when using automatics
* Sports Pack (Oct. 26) -- Golf balls, basketballs, etc. bounce more before stopping. Chuck will also "earn more from gambling, gain more health while eating and drinking and not get sick from drinking too much." So, essentially, he's your fun uncle.
* Ninja Pack (Nov. 2) -- Stealth mode requires zombies be closer to detect presence. Throwing items do more damage and are tossed faster; bonuses with sword weapon

(Source- bball3144 of youtube)