A swag-laden collector's edition for EA's Dead Space 2 briefly appeared on Amazon.com yesterday before being taken down, but not before this attractive image found its way onto the internet proper. Is that a replica Plasma Cutter I see? Along with a large and lovely box, the Dead Space 2 Collector's Edition that briefly appeared on Amazon yesterday also features some sort of exclusive downloadable content, a copy of the Dead Space 2 soundtrack, and what appears to be some sort of animation cell.

The real meat of the CE, however, is that replica of the game's Plasma Cutter. It's a must have for anyone owning one of those attractive helmets we gave away when the original game came out.

It doesn't seem like anyone was fast enough to grab a price off of the listing. We're sure to find out more once EA officially acknowledges the collector's edition's existence.

Update: EA has confirmed the UK version of the collector's edition. The Plasma Cutter replica is exclusive to the Xbox 360 and PC, while the PlayStation 3 version comes with a downloadable rivet gun and the PlayStation Move version of Dead Space: Extraction.