Since I started reviewing games I've used a 5 point system; 1 star means horrible and 5 stars means fantastic. This system was simple, easy to understand, and worked to get my point across. For games like Skyrim I need a better way to describe the game. So I've came up with a system similar to that of GameInformer. It's a 5 point system with 6 different categories.
#1- Plot and Story
#2- Setting and Level Design
#3- Graphics and Visuals
#4- Sound, Music, and Dialogue.
#5- Gameplay Mechanics and Controls
#6- Difficulty, Multiplayer, Replayability, and Entertainment Value.

Each category can receive a 1-5 rating. So any game can get a 5 as the lowest score and 30 as the best score.
This may become confusing for readers but I will try and explain to every viewer. This system allows me to inform you to the best of my ability what a game is like and it just may save you from wasting money, time, effort, and brain-cells. 
Thanks for reading!

11/17/2011 07:28

Can't wait


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