DLC has become a staple of modern day gaming. For those unfamiliar with the term, it stands for downloadable content. Nowadays, it isn't a surprise to see an announcement of a new map pack for your shooters, or more quests for your RPG's, or more levels for your real time strategy games. Most of the time, the quality of the DLC equals that of the game on the disc. So why isn't this content on the disc when you buy it? It's hard for me to believe that the concepts for the DLC, specifically map packs for shooters, were formulated too late to be on the disc. Games should not have DLC, because when I pay $60, I'm expecting a full game. Not half of the entire package. 
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Back in February, Bethesda provided fans with a Skyrim challenge: have a baby on 11-11-11, name him or her Dovahkiin, and the studio would give the parents free Bethesda games for life. Today, it was announced that Megan and Eric Kellermeyer met the challenge when Dovahkiin Tom Kellermeyer was born on Friday at 6:08pm PST. How nerdily-awesome is that? Congratulations to the happy couple, as we really hope the little Dragonborn isn’t teased too much growing up.


Will here. Can I just say, it's gonna be hard as BALLS for this kid to learn how to write his own name!

Bethesda’s announced it’s sold 3.5 million units of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in the game’s opening 48 hours on sale.

The sales number wasn’t mentioned in the press release, but it does say that “more than 50% of launch units were sold in the first 48 hours.”

Over 280,000 concurrent players were playing it on Steam within its first 24 hours, far more than any other game on the service.

“Without a doubt, this has been our most ambitious project ever,” said Bethesda Game Studios director Todd Howard. “After over three years of development, we’re finally excited to get it into everyone’s hands.”

Robert Altman, CEO of ZeniMax Media added: “Todd Howard and his team at Bethesda Game Studios have crafted a very special game. Anticipation for Skyrim has surpassed any game in our company’s history, and we are pleased that sales and reviews have reflected the quality and hours of amazing gameplay it provides.”


Xbox 360 owners should probably hold off on installing Skyrim, at least until Bethesda issues a fix for the textures not always loading properly.

Since launching yesterday, numerous Skyrim owners have noticed textures not fully loading and appearing blurry in the game. Bethesda issued a statement on the matter in its official forums saying the problem is due to players installing the game and plans to offer a fix in the next update:

Skyrim uses a lot of dynamic streaming systems, including textures. We’ve seen a few reports of certain textures temporarily scaling down on the Xbox 360, and not scaling back up. We have verified that this issue does not occur when playing off the disk and when the game is fully cached (not installed).

Skyrim makes heavy use of the Xbox 360 caching system, and caches over the normal course of play while in menus or interiors. This cache can be wiped when other games are played or when the user manually removes it. We’re working on a solution in the next title update for those who have installed the game.