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More news is coming out about the PSP2, although Sony is the only one not saying a word about the device yet. A patent application from the company gives even more credence to the rumor that the handheld will have a touch pad on the back of the unit. The application, uncovered by akihabaranews, is for a "Hand-held Device With Two-Finger Touch Triggered Selection And Transformation Of Active Elements" [sic] and it would let you operate what you see on the screen via a two-fingered touch pad on the backside of the device. While this may take a little getting used to for the user, it means you'll no longer have your giant mitts obscuring the screen when you have to select or control something on it. You also won't be getting your dirty candy hands on the front screen either, which we hear is a full inch bigger than the current PSP screen.

{Source: GameInformer}

My Thoughts: Enough with the rumors, just releasethe damn thing!


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