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Even though Fallout: New Vegas is soaking up a lot of attention these days, Interplay wants to remind players that there's more Fallout action coming in 2012. The Fallout Online developers have released the Armageddon Rag #3, three short texts of various transmissions from the wasteland.

Featured on the game's site, each of the three installments offers up a neat little slice of the game's fiction. There's not much game info (or any, come to think of it), but they feature ghouls, a little gunplay, and a pretty funny section riffing on the unnamed heroes from the first few games. Better still, they're all short and sweet--heck, even Dan and his flea-sized attention span could work through them.

{Source: GameInformer}

My Thoughts: FALLOUT FTW!

Interplay is teasing Fallout Online again. This time, it’s teasing the Pip-Pad.

The Pip-Pad looks to be a prototype model for Fallout’s PipBoy information device, and there’s some really interesting things included with it.

A piece of a novel, an audio log on a holodisk featuring a ghoul, and message from someone called J. Hardy Murphy.

The game will go into beta and launch sometime in second half of 2012, so until then we’ll just have to be content with teasing snippets such as this.
[Source: VG247]