We Are the Night (2010
Wir sind die Nacht (original title)
100 min  -  Drama | Fantasy | Horror   -  
27 May 2011 (USA)

In Berlin, a cop closes in on an all-female vampire trio who just took in a new member, Lena.

Director: Dennis Gansel
Writers: Jan Berger (screenplay), Dennis Gansel(screenplay)
Stars: Karoline HerfurthNina Hoss and Jennifer Ulrich

We Are the Night is a German vampire film that in my opinion is one of the best vampire movies ever made. Easily Top Ten. Why? I'll tell You.

Even though this movie resembles The Craft if you just replaced magic with vampire traits and weapons, my own personal tagline for this movie is: "What Happens When You Don't Want to be a Vampire?" Essentially that is the main plot. A down-and-out girl gets turned into a Vampire when in reality she just hates her life in general. She doesnt like the killing and the blood-letting. This becomes a problem.

The backstory is great and creative; women are the only Vampires left. The Men were killed off because of their greedy, chaotic, and gross nature. Leaving only a group of Women to rule the world. Great concept.

The cast is full of beautiful actresses in their own light and character style. The leader (Nina Hoss, who resembles Anglea Glasgow from Arch Enemy) has created her own family out of the love in her heart. "Sisters" include a 1990's DJ spunky pop girl and a classy 1920's silent movie actress who has some of the best performances in this film; depressing as they may be.

We Are the Night can be a bit boring. Its takes a bit of time to get into the story but once the blood starts flowing its a great watch. Great fight scenes and a different imagining of the Vampire Lore. I give We Are the Night a 5/5.

+ Vampires
+ Sexy Female Vampires
+ Great Concept and Story Arc
+ Attractive and Keeps Your Attention
- This is German, Remember them subtitles
- Not for Twilight Fans ;)

Please watch the german audio and subtitles for your language. Dont watch the dubbed edition.

3 quick edits. 
#1- Great Soundtrack.
#2- The term "Vampire" is never used in the film.
#3- Watch "Hanna" and see if the Party Scene in We Are the Night with the elephants and circus doesnt resemble Hanna's final shootout scene. ;)