Directed by
Nicolas Winding Refn
Produced by
Johnny Andersen
Lene Børglum
Henrik Danstrup
Bo Ehrhardt
Karen Smyth
Written by
Nicolas Winding Refn
Roy Jacobsen
Mads Mikkelsen
Jamie Sives
Gary Lewis
Ewan Stewart
Maarten Stevenson
Music by
Peter Kyed
Peter Peter
Morten Søborg
Editing by
Mat Newman
Distributed by
IFC Films 
(US)Release date(s)Venice Film Festival:
4 September 2009
31 March 2010
United Kingdom:
30 April 2010
Running time
90 minutes

The best thing about Valhalla Rising is the star, the artistic visuals, and the musical direction.
I found this film searching for movies Mads Mikkelson had done and this one jumped right out at me. Nordic origins, badass warrior lead role, low-level movie, and most of all not a lot of people have seen it.

The story follows "One-Eye" a savage nordic warrior who is mute and full of hate. He and his trusted companion, in the form of a young nord, follow a small group of Scottish Christians to "the holy land" of Jerusalem. But as they embark on their journey they become lost in a hazy mist and wind up in North America.

This film is a psychological poem thats displayed with hatred, blood, and some gruesome scenes of battle. However, the film is adamant about showing off the scenery and backdrops and leaning on Mikkelson's silent expressions rather than gaining momentum in the area of interest. Valhalla rising becomes boring and relies too much on the visuals, which are breath-taking. I'd show some screenshots but I'd be cheating you; the whole film is gorgeous and was shot entirely in Scotland. 

Valhalla Rising is a one-time watch for the artsy movie goer. 
+Nordic Origins
+Scottish Accents
+Mads Mikkelson is a badass and doesn't say a single word.
+Visually Stunning
-Not enough substance to keep your attention
-Terrible ending

I give Valhalla Rising a 2/5.
Cheers to Mads Mikkelson.